When you’re working to release a new product, marketing is a huge challenge. With that in mind, one of the best promotional tools at your disposal is YouTube.

Even if you’re not a regular YouTuber, promoting your product on YouTube is a great way to grow your business. We’re here to help you figure out how!

Why YouTube?

YouTube might not immediately come to mind for your product’s marketing strategy, especially if it’s not something you’ve used much before. After all, if YouTube isn’t part of your normal routine, your low (or non-existent) subscriber count may seem a “low return” option. Don’t let this deter you, however.

YouTube allows you to interact directly with potential customers, showcasing exactly what you have to offer. Plus, you can explain why people need it — no matter where they’re located. Even without a subscriber base, it’s still a powerful promotional tool.

As with any new product, you’ll want to reach out to relevant press/websites to spread the word. As such, it doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of subscribers. You’re leveraging other’s audiences. After all, this is much easier than sending out press release materials with a large video file attached. Instead, you can just send a simple link to your YouTube video. Those interested can drop the link into an article in seconds.

YouTube also makes it easy to provide regular updates on a product, which shows potential customers you’re still hard at work. These can be reshared with relevant sites, giving them more content while keeping your product in the news.

Best products for YouTube

Products that have a lengthy development process, receive regular updates post-launch or involve services are best for YouTube promotion. The most obvious use of this method can be seen by looking at the video game industry.

Many studios regularly post “Developer Diaries” to keep fans interested throughout their long development process. Ubisoft, Double Fine and many others utilize this update method, keeping their products in the conversation even when a release is still distant.

Screenshot of Ubisoft YouTube page
Ubisoft uses YouTube to promote their next big release with game trailers, updates, announcements and developer vlogs.

It’s also something frequently seen with Kickstarter products. An announcement video is normally the first thing people see. It highlights allthe reasons the product will be worthwhile to potential backers. Follow-up videos then showcase how development is building towards those proposed goals, while continuing to build excitement towards release.

More than reaching prospective customers, these YouTube videos also give a sense of overall transparency. Giving audiences a peek behind the scenes builds a stronger connection to the product and your company overall. This could even lead to increased sales for other products as well.

man in the process of constructing a surfboard, focus on the end of the board

What to Do

If you’re just getting started with YouTube, there are some important things to keep in mind to get the most out of your video promotions:

Have a Plan – Planning ahead is crucial to successfully promoting a product on YouTube. Have a structure in place for crafting and releasing videos. This will alleviate additional stress, ensuring you always have something ready.

Stay Regular – Consistency is the key on YouTube. It gives your consumer base something to look forward to. Plus, if development drags out longer than expected, regular video updates let customers know you’re still hard at work. This also provides publications and blogs with more content and a reason to keep your product in front of their audiences. 

Be Engaging – There’s a time and place for boring corporate style videos, and product promotions aren’t it. You want to engage audiences and leave them wanting more. Hook them onto your video content and you’ll ultimately hook them on buying the product!

Direct Interaction – You need to show you’re listening to your viewers. Respond quickly to online comments. Directly address community responses in your follow-up videos, and encourage these interactions. When audiences know they’re being listened to, they’ll feel a sense of investment in a product, even before they put down money for it.

What to Avoid

The basics are simple. However, there are a few things you’ll want to actively avoid when crafting your content.

Bad Videos – Nothing turns away viewers more than shoddy, sub-par videos. If you don’t put professional effort into your videos, how can viewers expect the product you’re selling to be any better? Put in the time and effort to make your videos as polished and professional as possible.

High Expectations – Don’t pin your hopes on your first videos going viral. The reality is it can take time for your content to gain traction. Proper outreach and consistency is your most surefire way towards growth. Don’t lose heart if your videos don’t immediately take off.

Going Dark – Consistency is key, but there are circumstances when it’s okay to go through periods of time without updates. Still, if something comes up and you decide to stop your videos cold (going “radio silent”), any rapport you’ve built, and the sense of transparency you’ve cultivated will be gone. Prepare your audience in advance for whatever changes might happen.

Between easier outreach potential and interacting directly with consumers, promoting a product on YouTube is an excellent addition to your overall marketing strategy. Even if you’re not a regular YouTuber, don’t ignore this valuable tool at your disposal.