Starting your own Discord server lets you build a lasting community that goes far beyond the content at its center. As on any social platform, however, it’s important to support your community with active moderation. Let’s take a look at how Discord moderators can help you manage your community. We’ll discuss what a Discord mod does, what makes a great mod and how to find mods for your Discord server.

What is a Discord mod?

The job of any moderator is to keep the community healthy. Mods enforce rules, resolve conflicts and communicate information. With the power to delete posts and kick or ban accounts, your mods are your first line of defense against trolls.

As your Discord community grows, so does the potential for conflict between members. A well-respected mod can use their authority to restore order when an argument gets out of hand or if your community guidelines aren’t being respected. A good moderation team will also hold each other accountable for following server rules and fulfilling responsibilities.

Finally, your Discord mod team can serve as your liaison to the rest of your community. Mods can share community updates and remind members of upcoming events. They can help manage polls and announce new uploads. And if you ever need to take a break, your mods can take over while you are away to keep your community thriving.

What makes a great mod?

When looking for a new mod, first of all, choose someone who is active in your community. They should also be someone you can trust with responsibility. Finally, pick someone who shares your goals for the community as a whole. Mods with these qualities will be more effective in fostering a strong, healthy community on Discord.

The table below further breaks down the distinction between a good moderator and a bad one:

Good ModBad Mod
A good mod is active and friendly, always ready to help other community members. Mods don’t need to log in every day, but they should participate in chat regularly. Look for someone who is consistently active and has good relationships with other members of the community.A bad mod may go days without logging in or fail to respond to mentions and messages. Or, on the other hand, they might dominate the conversation and create an unwelcoming environment that stifles community engagement.
Moderators need to be responsible and mature. That means they understand why certain rules are in place and how to enforce them fairly. Mods need to take the role seriously in order to effectively keep the community safe and thriving.Irresponsible mods might ignore conflict and only engage when it’s convenient. They might abuse their power to play favorites or shut down perspectives they disagree with. These unhelpful mods will often miss important community events, break commitments and fail to enforce server rules.
Your moderator team should share your vision for your Discord community. Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to what is and isn’t acceptable and what sort of activity you want to encourage.A bad mod will act according to their own sense of justice, without regard to the community’s health. They’ll butt heads with you and the other mods when it comes to policy changes and enforcement, always favoring their own priorities.

Where to look for new mods

Now that you know what makes a good Discord moderator, you can start searching for candidates. Ideally, you’ll choose someone who has experience managing a community. For instance, another trusted creator could be a great fit; they will already understand how to interact with a diverse fan base. On the other hand, they may not have time to take on mod duties for another creator.

Fortunately, it’s veteran community members that often make the best moderators. Those who have spent a lot of time in your Discord server will have an intuitive understanding of your specific community — its shared goals, habits and sense of humor. Often, someone will emerge as a natural leader within the community. They might jump in to mitigate conflict or volunteer to help out with server events. Basically, they’ll act like a mod even before receiving the title. That’s a strong sign they are mod material.

If you still don’t have specific people in mind for the role, you can put out an open call to your Discord server or your broader social following. Have aspiring mods fill out an application for the role to help you narrow down your choices. Just make sure the questions on the application are tailored to the needs of your community.

A final note on choosing a Discord mod

Hiring a new Discord mod can be a daunting process. To take away some of the stress, consider setting a trial period for new moderators. This gives you time to get to know your mods before trusting them with more responsibility. Also know that mods don’t always stick around forever. Other priorities may interfere with their dedication to the community, and it’s okay to rotate in new moderators when needed. Whoever you choose for your Discord moderation team, just make sure your community is well-cared-for.