With bigger YouTubers taking over the internet nowadays, it can feel overwhelming to try to find small creators who make quality content in the huge pool of YouTube channels. It’s easy to overlook so many small YouTubers who make content just as valuable and entertaining as the ones with millions of subscribers.

If you’ve been wanting to branch out and find some smaller creators with amazing videos, look no further. These ten YouTube channels with under 100,000 subscribers deserve your attention!

1. Mermaid Queen (Jude)


Jude is a queer, nonbinary, and body-positive creator who has recently been sweeping the internet with her thoughtful discussions on all kinds of social justice news. You may have seen the #NotYourBefore hashtag on Twitter that she started upon the surfacing of the new Netflix show “Insatiable,” which features a fat girl getting skinny and getting revenge on her bullies. This hashtag is just one of the many ways that Jude puts her voice out there to make an impact on the world around us. The hard work Jude puts into her videos is evident; she is the truest and purest form of an online influencer. She leads important discussions on gender, sexuality, body-positivity and mental health, while also balancing her content with lighthearted chats and artistic voiceover vlogs. If you want to feel heard, valued, and inspired, Jude’s content is here for you, for whatever you’re going through.

2. Beth Blvd


Some days, you need to just sit down and watch a carefully constructed compilation of otherwise mundane tasks to appreciate how beautiful everyday life is. Other days, you want to go on a date and Tinder just isn’t buzzing. Beth’s channel is the best place to go for both. She creates calm, aesthetically pleasing vlogs of her life with honest commentary about her emotions and her personal philosophies on life. She’ll also take you on “Coffee Dates” every month, in which she’ll sit down with you to update you on what’s going on in her life and what she’s learned from it. Her work effortlessly balances on the line between simple and breathtaking. She’s not just your ordinary YouTube filmmaker or vlogger. Both beautifully unsettling and deeply fulfilling, each one of her videos will make you think, feel, and appreciate the little moments in life. Her video content is true artwork, and you won’t find anything else quite like it.

3. TheLetterFifteen (Théo Evans)


Théo Evans is, by far, the most entertaining vlogger on YouTube. His videos are the perfect combination of strange, hilarious and unpredictable. His simultaneously dry and bouncy humor drives all of his videos and gives him a unique voice that is completely his own. The vintage Nerdfighter-esque vibe of his channel helps foster an intelligent, niche and engaged community, even in such a small corner of the internet. The ability to foster such a tight-knit community with just 1,000 subscribers is rare and special, and it’s a phenomenon you definitely want to get yourself involved in. After being on YouTube for years, you may think you have seen it all, but Théo’s videos will make you laugh like no other.

4. NiceOneFransi (Franzi Beck)


Franzi’s channel is a balanced collection of music, comedy, storytelling, acting and social commentary. She’s beyond talented when it comes to her strong singing, songwriting and instrumentals, often times in the form of a musical parody. Beyond her musical talent, her vlogs are clever, meaningful and comical, all in one. Alongside her music and acting career, she satirically discusses relevant social issues. As a mixed race German woman, she brings a unique perspective to topics of culture and privilege, while also managing to keep her audience entertained. These videos are perfect if you want a good laugh mixed in with the occasional musical performance.

5. AConnMann (Connor Manning)


For more introspective viewers, YouTube can function as a form of free, virtual therapy. Connor Manning’s vlogs are reflective, articulate and truly life-altering. They will push you to become a better, more fulfilled person as you walk alongside them in their journey of self-discovery and internal growth. Their vlogs range from serious discussions of mental illness to their own experiences with gender and sexuality as a bisexual non-binary person navigating through the world. Much of their content stems from their own hardships and experiences, and they use their own life’s context in order to give well-rounded advice to their viewers. Connor and their community on YouTube provide a safe and hopeful environment for those who are struggling, and their videos serve as a reminder to keep living and keep growing. Watching their truthful and wholehearted reality checks has the power to inspire and heal. Do a service to yourself and spend a couple hours indulging in their videos — you won’t regret it.

6. Arielle Jane


Arielle’s channel is pure fun and games for viewers who enjoy that brand of carefree video content. She posts fun DIY videos of her attempting beauty trends interspersed with adorable videos of her cats that will make your heart burst. Her wit and hilarious crafty screw-ups are sure to keep you laughing until your stomach hurts. In her videos, Arielle is willing to put herself in the spotlight and inevitably embarrass herself trying new things to make her subscribers feel capable of tackling intimidating DIY tasks. Meanwhile, she’ll give you helpful advice from her own experiences for when you approach these beauty hacks on your own. Though small now, her numbers are on the rise, and for good reason. The act of trying new things in truly good spirit is reminiscent of the original point of YouTube — to have fun with your content — and the effect on its entertainment value shows. Arielle is the comic relief everyone needs in their subscription feeds.

7. Jackson Bird


Jackson Bird primarily makes lighthearted and educational LGBTQ+ content as a transgender man, while also contributing to BookTube and running a video series called, “Will It Waffle?” wherein he attempts to cook random food items in a waffle-maker. His channel is the perfect combination of education, passion, and humor. Jackson will scratch your itch for both nerdy content and comprehensible education for both LGBTQ+ folks and their allies. He pushes for acceptance, normalization, and celebration of trans people, as well as providing helpful and specific resources for his younger trans viewers. His videos are not only entertaining and educational for everyone, but also extremely important for the queer and trans communities. These videos offer insights into the experiences of an underrepresented group, and they deserve more traction.

8. Abbie Bosworth


Abbie Bosworth is a gifted singer/songwriter and a passionate creative. In addition to her charming voice, she discusses a multitude of topics, including mental health, psychology and sexuality. She brings a hopeful twist to the struggles that any young adult is going through, one main theme being identity. For those who love personality tests and self-identifiers, one of her notable trademarks is the exploration of Enneagram types, for which she released a song per type. You’ll get to know Abbie so well through her vivid genuineness online that she’ll feel like a close friend almost instantly upon browsing her channel. As she’s figuring out her own path to happiness and fulfillment, she gives you interesting perspectives to help you do the same.

9. ItsRadishTime (Taylor Behnke)


Taylor Behnke’s channel is filled with social justice, politics, and well-executed storytelling. Her wise and reflective stories will always lead you to a new perspective on the world around you. The confidence and honesty that she exudes in her videos creates a reassuring atmosphere for any viewer listening to stories from her life. Whether you’re looking for commentary on race, professional advice or pure introspective fuel, Taylor has a collection of videos for you. She’ll teach you how to navigate the world of adulthood while also sharing beautifully constructed narratives from her own experiences to inspire you. If nothing else, her voice is so gentle that the sound alone is therapeutic and comforting. Regardless of what they’re about, these videos will leave a lasting impact on you.

10. Christi Kerr


If you’re a fan of the sit-down-and-chat vlog side of YouTube, Christi Kerr is a great new addition to your list. Her video topics are distinctive from other discussions already occurring on YouTube; these talking points come from any idea that crosses her mind for even just a moment, and she constructs it into an eloquent and meaningful conversation. The rawness of the videos makes it feel like you’re sitting down with a close friend who you can tell any thought that crosses your mind and draw some kind of significance from it. Her vlogs are a great way to open your mind to ideas you’d never have thought of alone and to learn more about yourself through them. Let yourself explore these new conceptualizations of life and subscribe to this growing channel.

These ten channels contain something for every kind of YouTube viewer and will brighten your subscription feed with new and exciting content. Refresh your outlook on the platform by looking into some of these blossoming small creators.

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