YouTube is a massive platform and with such a huge amount of content on the site to choose from, it’s easy to exclusively watch the popular videos that YouTube is constantly recommending to you.

However, there are SO many worthy creators beyond the names you’re always hearing about. Where can you find them? You can start right here! These are 10 YouTubers with under 100,000 subscribers that you should watch out for.

1.Rowan Ellis

Rowan Ellis creates informative videos discussing pop culture, activism and self-care from a feminist and queer perspective. She is an incredible advocate for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights and her content is absolutely what the world needs today. You will be in awe of how outstandingly smart Rowan is, but even more important, you’ll fall in love with her warm energy and humor.

A natural storyteller with hair as colorful as her personality, she allows herself to be vulnerable on camera and creates the safest of spaces on her channel. Rowan reflects the experiences of so many LGBTQ+ people in her videos and reassures her audience that they truly aren’t alone. So if your life is missing a cool, queer aunt who will be honest with you, teach you LGBTQ+ history and validate your existence, then head over to Rowan’s channel to have that void filled. You certainly won’t regret it, and your outlook on life will be improved because of it.

2. Ben From Canada

This next YouTuber has a real talent for beautifully capturing life on camera. A Canadian living in Glasgow, Ben shares with us his travels, thoughts and friendships in a way that touches hearts and minds. Ben’s channel manages to highlight the splendid simplicity that life holds, conveying a great love for being alive that viewers are able to absorb with each second of his content.

Ben’s an incredible example of somebody who is a natural in front of the camera as well as behind it. In his video ‘how to be happy,’ Ben talks about being happy to be yourself, and not somebody else. It’s such an important message, and quite frankly, we’re lucky that Ben is being himself and sharing that with us because his creations are pure magic on screen.

If you love YouTubers who make well-crafted content that’s filled with truth, then you must check out his channel. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Marinashutup (Marina Watanabe)

On Marina’s channel, she explores social and political issues from a feminist and intersectional perspective. The content she creates is so important and informative, filled with wit, sarcasm and a talent for holding viewers’ attention. Marina has been blessing YouTube with her videos for years, helping us all to have a better understanding of feminism and encouraging us to consider issues from an intersectional viewpoint. There is so much to learn from Marina’s channel, whether it’s about gun violence, queer issues or gaining a deeper insight into ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ She’s a truly amazing educator, and you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t open yourself up to the wisdom and humor that her channel has to offer.

4. Angela Innes

If you haven’t heard of Angela Innes, then let me tell you, you need more green in your life. Angela is one of YouTube’s poets and she’s a wonderful one at that, choosing marvelous combinations of words that will cause your heart to flutter. Her poems are gorgeously crafted and performed in such an honest, emotive way. She also creates endearing chatty vlogs, a recent one recapping her skydive. Who knew that somebody talking about jumping out of a plane could bring you to happy tears? But Angela manages to do it in her video.

If you enjoy poetry that puts life as we know it into beautiful eloquence, then you’ll adore Angela’s channel. She has a natural gift for moving her audience and they come away happier because of it. If you want to see life from Angela’s perspective, be sure to give her videos a watch — they’re definitely worth it.

5. Estevan

For charming, gay travel content, you have to check out Estevan’s channel. Estevan is a Los Angeles-based writer and YouTuber making positive content to inspire and entertain his audience. The videos he creates are an absolute pleasure to watch, consisting of stunning visuals that gift you with a severe case of wanderlust. And of course, he and his boyfriend John light up lives and warm hearts, spreading love around the world through sharing theirs.

Estevan is very open with his viewers, expressing his thoughts as he records his adventures. He vlogs as he wanders around different cities but he also sits down and chats in one location, talking about his favorite skin and hair products, collaborating with friends and revealing his coming out story. He is completely himself and it’s wonderful to watch, so if you want to feel uplifted, his channel is the perfect place to go. He’ll remind you that pure love exists and this planet is beautiful.

6. Annie Elainey (Annie Segarra)

Annie Elainey is a YouTuber who is bringing so much good and insight onto the platform. She identifies as a queer disabled (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) Latinx woman and on her channel, she talks about her experiences surrounding this. Annie does an excellent job of hosting important discussions and teaching us how to be better allies, making us aware of issues that most certainly aren’t talked about enough.

Their content is informative and well-articulated, sharing thoughts on disability, body image, LGBT topics and gender equality, as well as creative content consisting of artistic media and short films. They are an amazing individual and speaker with so many important words to share, and giving them the attention they deserve will make you a more informed, socially aware person.

7. Neonfiona

The always-entertaining neonfiona brings so much personality to YouTube — if you’re feeling a bit down, her energy is bound to put a smile back on your face. Fiona’s content is an absolute joy to watch, covering various topics on her channel such as travel, non-monogamy and coming out. Whether she’s filming adorable vlogs with her girlfriend Riley, playing light-hearted games whilst collabing, or sharing information surrounding being in an open relationship, you’ll want to keep watching more because her aura is infectious.

If you like Australian accents, laughter and pretty locations around the world, Fiona’s channel is definitely for you, ticking all of those boxes and so much more. She’s somebody you need to see in your subscription feed, for everything she makes is worth a watch.

8. Ahsante the Artist (Ahsante Bean)

Ahsante the Artist makes wonderful, artistic videos that aim to help you move consciously and creatively through life. Her videos are full of personality, information and creative elements; they exist to inspire, and inspire they do. From your psyche, to your career, to your perspective, Ahsante produces relatable content that will leave you feeling better all-round. She gives us honesty, A+ editing and great advice. The authenticity and humor that she brings to her channel, along with her inspirational outlook on life, will make you feel at peace with yourself whilst simultaneously energized.

Ahsante claims she wants to make the world a better place and she certainly achieves this, being an extremely positive influence and somebody that we can all learn from, regardless of where we are in life. If you’re looking for a channel to help you learn and grow, Ahsante is offering many of the answers for free, and YouTube is so lucky to have her.

9. Craig Simmonds

If you’re a fan of breath-taking cinematography and vlogs full of warmth and honesty, then this channel is for you. In an authentic and beautiful manner, Craig captures the world around him on camera. His videos make you feel cozy and satisfied as he shares with you his photos, thoughts and travels, causing viewers to fall in love with how the world can look. Craig’s channel also presents us with spoken word, illustrating his perception of life through language as well as stunning images.

If you want to step into a video and feel like you’re listening to a friend, then you can’t give Craig’s channel a miss. His talent speaks for itself and his personality shines through his creations. They’re of such high quality in every way, so they most definitely deserve to be on your to-watch list. Consider bringing a hot drink with you, because you may notice that Craig’s videos are the visual equivalent of a perfect cup of tea. Between British people, there’s no better compliment than that.

10. Amillionmadmusings (Gemma Dunnell)

Gemma’s channel is a wonderful reflection of herself and the things she’s passionate about. Her videos explore all kinds of topics, such as internet friendships, bisexuality, Doctor Who and growing up. There’s something to entertain everyone, including her series ‘Tipsy OTPs’ in which she talks about her One True Pairings whilst tipsy, giving her audience lots of laughs in the process.

Gemma is a creator who is naturally funny, enthusiastic and extremely engaging; she’s committed to her channel and it truly shows in the videos that she posts online. She’s a YouTuber full of charm, and if you want to have a good time, her channel is the hot place to be, so be sure not to overlook this content creator on the rise.

Hopefully, some of these channels have drawn you in and you’re on your way to subscribe right now, but are these 10 YouTubers not enough for you? Read our previous guide to 10 YouTubers that Deserve More Subs to discover 10 more excellent channels that deserve your attention! Our smaller YouTubers are such an important part of the platform, and the ones listed here will all brighten up your subscription feed with something wonderful to offer.