If you’re familiar with Discord, you’re probably aware of the profile badges awarded to members. These badges set creators apart from other users by adding merit, decorum and honor to their profiles. You can get some of these badges quickly by answering a few questions; others are more exclusive. Each badge inevitably becomes an accomplishment, helping users and creators make connections and build their community. Discord itself is an invaluable tool for making those connections, but you can keep them coming back for more with badges.

What are badges?

To understand the importance of badges, you will first need to know what Discord is — if you don’t already. Discord is a chat app launched in 2015 that connects gamers and gaming influencers, allowing them to link up, orchestrate their playing sessions and chat while gaming. Over the last few years, it has evolved into more than just a hangout for gamers. Since it’s a platform that supports text chat, voice chat and video calls, it has grown to include a host of fun groups, from fantasy football streamers to anime fan clubs. As a creator, you can use Discord to turn followers into a community.

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With badges, members can distinguish themselves from other active members. When you look at some member profiles, you will see these displayed as small icons. You can also see them from the user’s profile popup. These icons represent badges, and they characterize the member as active in particular groups. Some members may have multiple badges on their profiles. The more badges you have, the more weight they carry. Each badge is an accomplishment, a Medal of Honor, that gives users a chance to boast and reach lofty goals.

Why are badges important?

Badges come with certain perks. Some badges can get you a newsletter or entry into extraordinary events. More esteemed badges can get you better stream quality or server profiles. Badges also help creators build membership sites or turn their content into a prosperous venture. You can use badges to help create a business around your community. Badges also help grow followers and increase engagement with your audience. Collecting badges doesn’t just give your audience statuses in your community. It drives up enthusiasm.

How to get badges

Some badges you can get quickly. Just answer about five questions, and they’re yours. One of the most accessible badges to acquire is the HypeSquad House badge, which helps Discord place you in one of the other three houses — Bravery, Brilliance or Balance. Just answer a few personality questions, and Discord will place you in one of the houses and give you a badge for that house. These houses are communities, and each one allows you to join in on special events, so they’re worth joining for the fun.

To get the HypeSquad House badge, open Discord and click on the user-settings icon beside your user name in the bottom left corner. In the Settings, scroll down and select the HypeSquad option. Now, click on the Join HypeSquad button. You will view a popup with five personality questions. After you answer them, you will be placed in one of the houses and rewarded with a badge.

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Discord Nitro is a premium subscription where you can access things like more significant upload size limits, HD video for streaming and screen sharing, custom emojis and really cool animated avatars. If you subscribe to Discord Nitro, you also get two Server Boosts — tokens you can use to improve your server. Discord Nitro costs $10 a month or $100 for a full year. You can buy additional Server Boosts for $5 a month. You can also collect badges through Discord Nitro. Whether Nitro or Nitro Classic, you will get the same badge.

Your top choice of badges

Standard profile badges include Discord Nitro, the Server Booster Badge and the HypeSquad House badge. Then there are rare badges, such as the HypeSquad Event badge. This is an exclusive badge that you have to apply for at discord.com/hypesquad. This badge allows you to attend local conventions and get free things, like T-shirts.

The Bug Hunter badge is also awarded to the genuinely diligent users in the Bug Hunter community. Legendary Badges are designed for active and engaged communities. This badge is offered through the Partner Program to owners of booming groups and to creators who demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for Discord.

Finally, there’s the Early Supporter badge if you’ve been hanging around Discord for a while. It is a badge for users who supported Discord in its early days. If you had Nitro before Oct. 10, 2018, it will show on your profile. It is the only badge that is not available anymore but stays permanent on your profile if you have it, even when you end your Nitro subscription.

Building your community up with badges

The greatest thing about Discord is that the app is free. It allows you to turn your followers into a community and turn your content into a thriving business. There are so many ways Discord lets you and your followers improve your experience on the platform that there is no limit to growth potential. If you’re looking for an excellent hangout spot for gamers, Discord has that. But if you’re looking to grow your community, fan base, revenue and excitement level, Discord offers that and so much more.