Dark times are upon us. Recent events have painted a picture of the disturbing new stance that YouTube is taking. They want you out. Not as a viewer of course, but as a creator — YouTube isn’t interested in your voice.

The independent creators whose rants, tutorials and cat videos built YouTube into the behemoth that they are were nothing but stepping stones along a path to becoming yet another distribution channel for the media elite. Of course, as with all nefarious schemes, this situation is the work of The Man.

The Man doesn’t want independent content creators to have a place to express their opinions because unsavory voices can start to leak out. Voices critical of The Man, or critical of the reptilians. Voices that threaten the social order; voices that inspire us to liberation.

The agenda at YouTube is becoming clear — sacrifice the small creators on the alter of major media. The sacrifice started out on the ‘Trending’ page, where small creators seldom seem to make it anymore, regardless of how popular their videos are, while major media figures find themselves trending every day. Soon, the divide grows over who is allowed to monetize certain content. Next, the sacrifice moves into full swing, with Mr. YouTube (an agent of The Man) tying PewDiePie to a blood alter in an attempt to appease ancient gods.

So what’s next? What comes after the purge is complete and YouTube is free of the lowly independent creators? Once YouTube is cemented as a major media player, it sets it sights on the other big dogs — the CW, Seeso, AOL Prodigy — and attempts to become the dominant media force on the planet. It all boils down to one thing: YouTube is on a rampage towards total global content domination. But this is just the beginning, YouTube, now in firm control of the Earth’s media — and therefore the minds of earthlings — begins to reach to the stars in an effort to control all content produced in the galaxy, all content in the universe. It very well could be that YouTube is on the path to becoming the all-knowing multi-dimensional intelligence represented by the black monolith in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

What comes after the purge is complete and youtube is free of lowly independent creators?

Our culture is driven by media. When YouTube began, it was based in democratized distribution. It did a service to creators, and to humanity in general, by allowing the entire spectrum of voices to be heard in equality. As the site moves more and more towards just being another platform for major media, it robs the world of underrepresented voices. YouTube, which once was a major disruptor in the entertainment industry, has just become another brick in the wall of standardized conformity.

This evil agenda behind the scenes at YouTube is undeniable because otherwise, my videos would definitely get more views. Because they’re awesome.

Get YouTuber.


  1. I stopped uploading to Youtube late last year. i am now on Vidlii and Brigheon. They are both better Video Sharing sites than Youtube is these days.

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