YouTube: The Authentic Voice of the People

In these dark and confusing times, it can be hard to find the light of truth. Thankfully, the information age has given us a chance as a defacto voice of the people emerged, a place where everyone can share their authentic self. I’m talking, of course, about YouTube.

YouTube has given people a chance to know what is really going on, through content unfettered by the censorship of Big Media.

Long, long ago, people received their news from the television. Local stations broadcast local stories and the big networks told the news from a national perspective. At one point, this was done for the public good, because a well-informed populace is crucial to a healthy democracy. But things changed. As corporations bought up the networks, television news no longer operated for the benefit of the viewers; instead, it operated for the benefit of the corporation — the news had to make profit.

Newsrooms had to keep sponsors and maximize viewers. Instead of telling people what they needed to hear, the news began to report what people wanted to hear — a subtle but detrimental difference. Sensational stories became the aim. The corporations began shaping content to conform to their own social narrative. Tawdry celebrity gossip replaced investigative reporting on hard hitting issues, and journalists were replaced by commentators. The quality of the news declined rapidly. It wasn’t long before it offered no real information anymore, just ‘infotainment’. Television news became simple indoctrination.

The People were left with no compass in the wilderness, no candle in the night. We had no way of knowing what was really going on out in the world. Finally, when almost all hope had been lost — a light. The information age gave birth to YouTube: a new platform for authentic representation.

In this troubled era, the people yearn for reporting on real issues that affect us every day.

Anyone could create their own video, telling Truth with a capital T, without being beholden to corporate suits, network censors or the public image of advertisers. On YouTube, The Man has no stooges to silence news that could shake things up. You can report on trees changing color in your neighborhood, or you can dig deep to release an exposé on the effects of chemtrails on alien-human hybrid reptillians. The point is, it’s up to you.

Is there any platform that has such a widespread base of content creators? This range of voices is what makes YouTube authentic. Acting as an unfiltered mouthpiece for the people, the platform provides a direct view of daily life in the contemporary world. Historians of the future won’t care what the Action 5 News Team reports this evening; they’ll care about the vloggers who commented on what’s trending.

In this troubled era, the people yearn for reporting on real issues that affect us every day. They need the latest intel on what the reptilians are up to in order to prevent humanity from being enslaved. And there’s nowhere better than YouTube to get that kind of information.

Or maybe that’s just what The Man wants you to think.

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