What if I told you that there is a conspiracy behind the scenes at YouTube?

What if I told you the powers-that-be scheme and plot in order to get you to unwittingly serve their agenda? You wouldn’t be shocked; you’re an astute observer of the world; you realize of course dark forces are at play here. You’d try to stay out of it, just keep your head down, keep making your videos and building your channel. And that’s exactly how you’d fall into their trap.

What if creating videos is exactly what they want you to be doing?

Well, that doesn’t seem too sinister — until you realize: Ideas that aren’t sinister are perfect place to hide sinister intentions. So, we must dig deeper, beneath the surface, and ask the uncomfortable questions. Why would the shadow forces behind the scenes at YouTube want us to be making videos? Why would they want us to focus on writing, shooting, editing — devoting all our time and energy to making amazing content?

To keep us distracted.

What if YouTube doesn’t care about your videos, or how many followers you have, or even how much ad revenue you’re generating? They just want you engaged in the system, running on their hamster-wheel of “content creation” because it keeps you away from the things that really matter: uncovering The Truth.

The Truth is that it’s in YouTube’s best interest to keep creators and their channels small, with small subscriber counts and small ad-revenue checks.

YouTube could very well be a giant diversion. A multi-layered distraction that gets you to look one way while the important plays are happening behind your back. On one level is engaging in media — spending hours watching the latest Spiderman and Elsa videos instead of seeking your own liberation from The Man. But what takes up even more time is creating the media. The process from pre-production through post can take days, weeks, even years. In that time, creatives are wholly consumed with completing their product. That kind of dedication makes a great film but also serves those who manipulate us from the shadows. Any parlor magician will tell you that the harder your mark concentrates on the distraction, the easier your slight-of-hand will be.


YouTube convinces you to make videos for them by offering a great platform for distribution that can be easily monetized and offers a social experience. They tantalize creators with promises of wealth and fame. Perfect bait for the trap. Who doesn’t want a place where their videos can be seen by millions? Where they can make money telling the stories that matter to them? And opening new connections, networks, even friendships? It all sounds almost too good to be true.

When things go wrong for YouTube, as it recently did with major advertisers pulling out of YouTube, it’s big, successful YouTubers bringing attention to the issue that moves the needle in the favor of creators. Wouldn’t YouTube prefer that creators to just roll over and submit to YouTube’s will? Wouldn’t that be easier if no one had big audiences and loud voices?

YouTube doesn’t care how much money you make or how popular you become. YouTube isn’t here to make you a star. YouTube has one goal in mind — get you to become a cog in the machine.

Or maybe that’s just what they want you to think.

Get YouTuber.