Millions of streamers broadcast their content every month on Twitch. With so much content to watch, and Twitch’s often lackluster support for discoverability, it’s easy to miss small streamers producing quality broadcasts.

In this article, we will highlight five small Twitch streamers making quality content. We’ll discuss what they do and what makes them such great streamers.


Lewloh is a singer-songwriter, occasional gamer and a kind-hearted person. Having just started streaming a little over a year ago, he already has around 3.4K followers and an average viewer count of around 50 live viewers per stream. What’s more, his presence on other platforms is just as big, if not bigger, than his community on Twitch. For instance, his YouTube channel has about 8.1K followers. On Instagram, he has 13.6K followers. Twitch growth happens most quickly when you simultaneously grow yourself on platforms like YouTube. As we see with Lewloh, his YouTube subscriber performance mirrors his performance on Twitch.

Through the natural commentary, viewers learn about Lewloh’s identity. He is Asian, LGBTQ+ and a person who connects with multiple cultures. Lewloh often brings guests to his streams to expand on music and converse about their experiences. He creates a comfortable space for his audience. Viewers can learn a ton about developing a music career, including specific topics like songwriting. Lewloh teaches the importance of being mindful in any process, whether it’s music or self-growth.


Patrixia is a full-time Twitch streamer who DJs on stream three times a week. Her channel currently has 4.7K followers. Born and raised in Chicago, her DJ style focuses on darker genres and electronica. Patrixia is not confined to a single style; she expands on her Latinx culture and beyond. In 2020 she began streaming and found success with her loyal following.

Patrixia is constantly interacting with her viewers while she DJs. She creates a safe space within her chats where hate is not tolerated. Offering one on one lessons via stream for aspiring DJs is one way she shows support for her followers. By utilizing special effects during her streams she keeps the visuals engaging throughout. Patrixia streams with her talent and personality on full display.


ChelseaBytes is an avid gamer, computer scientist and self-proclaimed nerd. She regularly streams various games like “League of Legends” or “A Plague Tale: Requiem.” As she games, she chats. In fact, most of her content falls under the Just Chatting category. She regularly dives into other forms of content like builds or TikTok commentary. Streaming for over four years, she has amassed 19.5K followers. 

She has made it clear that her identity and experiences as a black woman are important to her content. She gives back by raising money for charities like Girls Who Code. It is easy to see that Chelsea is passionate about her streams with the enthusiasm she brings to each one. Her personality is what drives her channel. ChelseaBytes streams show the necessity of having a genuine connection to what you produce is vital.


Christine is the mind behind CookingForNoobs, where she makes recipes she has not tried before. She is a seasoned streamer starting in 2015 and gained 30.2K followers. Streaming regularly on Twitch around four times a week, her success is consistent thanks to her routine. She sometimes shelves cooking to game, create staycations or make content with her husband.

Christine is warm and inviting to all. The commitment to producing streams for the enjoyment of her followers is crucial. Her Twitch stream teaches people to cook from a new perspective. She encourages everyone to be positive and appropriate in chat, which creates a family-friendly stream. Christine exemplifies the persistence it takes to have a successful Twitch channel that continues to grow.


Miekii is a bike messenger and gamer living in Manhattan. His streams consist of him riding through the city streets, gaming and going on adventures with his girlfriend, Keisha. He brings viewers with him on daily quests that build a bond. Sitting at around 66K followers, Miekii provides content almost daily for viewer enjoyment. He is also part of a streaming team called Fuslie Family

He is quite active in the Twitch community, having met up with other streamers. Being a part of a stream team connects Micheal to other Twitch streamers, giving him more exposure. Michael demonstrates how essential it is to have a community that supports you.

Take away

These Twitch streamers all produce very different streams, yet all similarly have a deep regard for their communities. They are also great examples of the advantage of authenticity. Sharing their hobbies and craft with enthusiasm connects them with their audiences.

So, while these streamers may not have the biggest communities on Twitch, they have tight-knit communities that love their content. We hope they continue to grow their communities and share their great content with the rest of the world.