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Electrify raises $85 million to invest in YouTube channels feature image
Electrify Video Partners has successfully raised $85 million of funding from private equity fund Capital D.
You can now instantly ban Twitch viewers for saying specific words in chat featured image
Twitch has rolled out two new moderation tools, and one of them will instantly ban viewers if they use preset terms and phrases in chat.
TikTok Creativity Program
TikTok announced that it’s expanding its Creativity Program to Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and the United Kingdom.
Artlist establishes $100K fund for creators featured image
Artlist announced a new 100K fund. This fund will be awarded to the creator with the best dream video pitch.
Adobe Text-Based Editing
Adobe has released a large update to the Creative Cloud to help creators make content quicker. Many of these new features are powered by AI.

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TikTok logo with sweat drop
TikTok accidentally flagged content about Hollywood writers strikes as the platform filtered QAnon conspiracy theories.
This YouTube sub button update may get you more subscribers
YouTube is releasing an update that will make the Subscribe button glow whenever the word subscribe is said in a video.
Patreon Discord-like chats
Patreon is introducing community chatrooms where creators can interact with their audience, and it looks a lot like Discord.
How American TikTokers can prepare for a TikTok ban featured image
There’s talk of a nationwide ban on TikTok in the United States. So, how can a U.S. TikTok creators prepare if it actually does happen?
YouTube removes some controls over ads
YouTube is removing individual ad controls for pre-roll, post-roll, skippable and non-skippable ads on new videos.