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Content creation books
A well-selected book can offer invaluable insights. These five essential reads provide strategies beneficial for content creators.
Evan and Katelyn
Creator Handbook sits down with married YouTubers, Evan and Katelyn, to discuss their path to success and finding joy in one another.
YouTube fraudsters have to pay three million to victims
YouTube scammers, Jose “Chenel” Teran and Webster “Yenddi” Batista Fernandez, are ordered to pay $3 million to victims of their fraud.
Noice is a new livestreaming platform that's looking to make streamer and viewer interactions much more interactive.
Dbrand, a company that makes skins for gadgets, is filing a lawsuit against CASETiFY in Canadian courts over allegedly stolen designs.

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Colleen Ballinger
Colleen Ballinger is back and wants to apologize for her "embarrassing" ukulele video. She also wants to start making vlog content again.
YouTube tests AI tool that clones famous singers
YouTube is currently testing AI-powered tools that can allow creators to generate unique short songs using famous singers' voices.
YouTube logo on phone with AI code.
YouTube will now require content creators to label all their videos that were altered or synthetically created using AI.
Person on TikTok
Nepal announced on November 13 that it’s banning the social media app TikTok. But TikTokers in Nepal think it's a step too far.
Instagram rolls out new video editing tools
Instagram is updating its suite of video editing tools with fresh features that make content creation more exciting.