YouTube is updating its YouTube Studio to improve the copyright claim process for creators, according to the newest Creator Insider. We can expect to see an update come to the copyright timestamp tool next week.

The Creator Insider video, Team YouTube member Abhinav said YouTube would soon update the copyright timestamp tool, making it easier for creators to edit start and end times for copyright claim timestamps. While the copyright timestamp tool has made the entire copyright claim process easier for creators, this is a very welcomed and needed update. Before the tool’s existence, YouTube’s copyright claiming system would notify the creator there’s been a claim on a video. However, the creators weren’t told what part of the video contained copyrighted content. This was frustrating for content creators to put it lightly. This resulted in creators removing the video entirely because they couldn’t detect where the copyright claim was referencing.

Video courtesy: Creator Insider

The copyright timestamps tool made it easier for creators to deal with copyright claims

Since YouTube released the copyright tool, which was about a year ago, it’s made creators’ lives much easier. They now know what parts of their videos are being claimed. However, there were still issues with the copyright timestamp tool. While creators could see what part of the video was being claimed and could now auto-delete portions of their videos timestamped by the tool, they still couldn’t completely change the timestamps. So, this means if a claimant highlighted the wrong part of a video, too much of a video or their timestamp didn’t capture the entire duration of copyrighted content, the creator couldn’t use the one-click editing tool to fix the problem.

We should see the copyright timestamps tool update coming next week

So, what will this update allow creators to do? Essentially, according to YouTube Studio, creators will now be able to manually adjust the start and end points of copyright timestamps. After the area is selected, the creator can then opt to mute all the audio. It should make it a lot easier for creators to deal with copyright claims on the platform.

The YouTube team said all creators should see this change sometime next week.