YouTube is testing a new feature called Checks — a service to scan videos in the upload process for copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions. This feature notifies creators of issues before the upload process is complete. This gives the creators a chance to address and fix any issues. 

Capabilities of Checks

Users and members of the YouTube Partner Program will see the Checks page when in the uploading process. Checks allow users to dispute the claim or edit/fix the claims presented. With the ad suitability, check process creators can request a human review if there is thought to be a mistake with a claim. Through this new feature, users will become aware of recurring claims and be able to address them sooner before uploading. 

Checks are readily available in the upload process from a desktop. Checked videos typically finish within 3 minutes. When videos are checked for monetization, the process can take longer than 3 minutes. YouTube provides time estimates so you’ll always know how long it may take. 

Benefits of Checks

With Checks, users will know if their videos received monetization/copyright claims before it goes public, unlike before. This does not, however, eradicate the possibility of receiving restrictions after the video is published. Users can also publish a video without the check process completion. In doing this, videos are more susceptible to receiving claims after the upload. 

If a user receives a claim, they can view the intricacies of it through ‘See Details’. In this section, creators see the particular content claimed, the timecode of which it is indicated and the impact it will have on your video. Users can learn all about copyright claims and monetization on YouTube Help

Checks are still in the testing phase, so users may experience unintended issues. This is a part of the process so that the team at YouTube can address them before launching the feature. There is an open forum for creators to share their feedback through the YouTube Help community tab. 

Featured Image source: YouTube Help