Creators no longer have to have 5,000 subscribers to qualify for channel memberships. YouTube opened channel memberships to creators with 1,000 subscribers.

This week, creators with 1,000 subscribers could start using channel memberships. This feature allows creators to create extra content and video previews for viewers for a monthly fee. This should help smaller creators by giving them more ways to make money on the platform. Right now, channel memeberships cost $5 per month. Muli Salem, YouTube’s Channel Memberships product manager wrote in YouTube’s official blog post, “When we launched Channel Memberships on YouTube, we did it with the goal of helping creators diversify their revenue streams beyond ads.”

Why lower the threshold now?

According to YouTube, it’s seen an increase in the number of its creators using Channel Memberships since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These creators were looking for alternative forms of monetization, like Super Chats and merch, to support themselves during the pandemic.

“We’re seeing creators of all sizes and backgrounds use channel memberships in creative ways, with great results,” Salem said. He goes on to claim creators using Channel Memberships are earning four times more than they did back in 2019.

More tools are coming

YouTube plans to release more tools for Channel Membership next year. According to the company, the tools they’re working on include better creator analytics, loyalty and recognition perks, as well as easier ways for viewers to become members.”