Recently, YouTube revealed a few new updates to YouTube Studio and YouTube Dashboard. Those updates include a new ‘Restrictions’ column.

Tom Leung, Creator Insider host, tweeted YouTube has announced the new Restrictions column. His tweet was backed up by a post on YouTube’s support page. Essentially, the Restrictions column will allow creators to instantly see if monetization or viewership has been limited. You’ll know if monetization and viewership are being affected by things like copyright issues and age-related restrictions.

Also, you can now manually add in mid-roll ad breaks while uploading your video to YouTube. You’ll be able to place ads manually once standard definition processing is complete.

Upload and go live directly from the YouTube Dashboard

The changes above aren’t the only changes coming to YouTube Studio. Other changes aim to make navigation easier for creators. This includes an updated left menu. The menu will contain ‘Playlists’ and the ‘Audio Library.’ There are also new ‘quick buttons’ on the ‘Videos’ page that will take you right to a clip’s details, analytics, and comments. Also, video description boxes will expand out as you type. This is something that has been highly requested from creators, so it’s good to see it finally implemented.

Lastly, there are new quick buttons that allow you to upload, go live or create a Community post directly from your YouTube Dashboard. Additionally, the video snap card, a feature that shows how one of your videos is doing compared to others, will now display the same info for Premieres and prescheduled videos.

You can check YouTube’s official press release for the updates on the support page. Are you happy with the updates? What do you want to see YouTube update in YouTube Studio next? Let us know below.


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