Amid Meta’s “Threads” launch earlier this month, Twitter, now X, rolled out the ad revenue sharing program to Blue Subscribers. Select creators that passed the eligibility requirements received as much as $25k. This measure is an attempt to incentivize popular creators on the app and keep them posting content. Now, X is opening its revenue sharing program to more creators.

Eligibility requirements for the program

A few days ago, after the company rebranded to X, it announced that the ad revenue-sharing program is now available to creators globally. The requirements for the monetization program are the same as before. The creator should have at least 15 million impressions on their tweets within the last three months, be a subscriber of Blue and with at least 500 followers. 

The ads that X is monetizing are the ones placed in the creator’s replies, not in the main timeline itself. So to speak, the more engaging the posts are, the more ads are getting monetized thanks to the ad revenue-sharing program. 

With that in mind, users might post very controversial posts. However, X has placed limitations on what can be monetized. Sexual content, pyramid schemes, violence, drugs, alcohol, gambling and copyrighted content cannot be monetized. Read more about revenue sharing here

X’s monthly new reach high

On the same day, X CEO Elon Musk posted that X reached a new high of monthly users. The chart says that the platform has reached 541 million monthly users at some point. He also claimed that the number shown is after the removal of a vast number of bots. It’s not clear which month the 541 million points to as Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince posted X’s traffic ranking, which shows X’s decline when Threads was launched. 

As the company is still rebranding, opening the ad revenue sharing globally is possibly a measure to keep the top creators on the platform. But most users are not happy with the rebrand. Also, it’s still not clear how many creators are actually eligible for the monetization program. So let’s see how X handles the program in the coming months.