YouTube’s been working on a new monetization tool (known at the time as Viewer Applause) since 2019. The feature has gone through various tests throughout the years that it has been in development. Now, it appears YouTube’s ready to roll out the tool, now dubbed Super Thanks, to its user base in the coming months.

The tool, renamed to Super Thanks (likely to follow the same naming convention as Super Chats and Super Stickers), is making its way to more creators this week. YouTube reveals it’s expanding the feature to thousands of creators across 68 countries. While it’s still a limited pool of creators, we could see a wider release later this year.

What is the Super Thanks tool?

For context, Super Thanks allows viewers to donate money to their favorite creators. When donating, people can write messages for the creator to see. After donating, their message will be highlighted with a distinct color underneath the video.

The Super Thanks tool offers four preset price points. The presets range starts at $2 and goes all the way up to $50. YouTube takes a 30 percent cut of the revenue — which is a pretty standard cut when compared to other platforms.

When will the tool release for everyone?

According to YouTube, the feature is now available to thousands of YouTube Partner Program creators. Also, YouTube chose the participating creators at random. Currently, there’s no official date when the Super Thanks tools will release to the rest of the YouTuber Partner Program. However, YouTube says it’s aiming to roll out the tool to every YouTube Partner by the end of 2021. So, it looks like it won’t be long before all YouTuber Partners have a new way to make money on the platform.