Viral Nation added a copyright audit feature to Viral Nation_Secure, a social media monitoring and screening firm, to aid companies and content creators from possible copyright issues. Their AI-powered copyright detection feature will identify copyrighted content and notify companies should the campaigns or sponsored content from their partner creators contains music or videos protected by copyright laws. It also identifies past content that uses copyrighted material so the companies can delete it from their pages.  

This is big news for companies, especially since copyright strikes not only result in income loss but they also affect branding and reputation. With this in mind, Mat Micheli, the co-founder of Viral Nation, stated: “We are proud to be the first brand safety solution to develop and deliver a frictionless solution as part of our platform to help companies mitigate risk and better protect their brands while in turn protecting content rights holders.”

Other benefits of the feature

Aside from monitoring content for copyright issues, Viral Nation_Secure also conducts a complete social media audit which is vital for monitoring and reporting data, especially “instances of profanity, intolerance, hate speech….” According to Viral Nation, the feature can “audit and monitor social media activity of brand advocates, sponsored influencers, executives and employees, ensuring their online behavior is consistent with the brand’s core values.”

What does this mean for creators and companies?

This is another huge plus since the use of social media nowadays is detrimental to the success or failure of brands. Companies need more reputation management solutions when it comes to social media use and copyright issues, which Viral Nation_Secure aims to help them with. It is a struggle for companies to check all past and future content to make sure they don’t get copyright strikes, and a feature like this is a good one to have. Watch this demo to learn more.