Vimeo has made a few changes to its user profiles, looking to help video professionals better display job prospects. All profiles will allow creatives to feature this new information.

So now, Vimeo users can list things like price rates and previous professional experience. They can tag brands and businesses that they’ve worked within the past. According to Vimeo, this update keeps the current coronavirus pandemic in mind. The company acknowledges that there are many creative freelancers out there struggling to find work. Hopefully this update will help more creatives find work.

“In speaking with members of the Vimeo community about your goals as video professionals, it’s clear that you need tools to help you showcase your incredible work and get discovered,” Vimeo wrote. “We want your Vimeo profile to be your professional home.”

There’s more to the redesign

In addition to the extra information, creatives can add to their profiles. Vimeo has added the ability to edit profiles directly on profile pages. So, that means users don’t have to go through settings to edit their profiles. That should speed profile edits up. Additionally, the platform added new profile sections that can feature videos in various grid formats and 40 new industry-specific category tags. Tags allow potential employers to sort through work, allowing them to find freelancers relevant to them easier. Video also says it’s putting contact information front and center. So things like web domain, social handles, email addresses, and pronouns should be clearly visible now.

We’re happy to see Vimeo helping video creatives during these hard times. Vimeo’s first move to help users with the professional prospects when it launched For Hire last September. For Hire is a global marketplace that links the platform’s freelancers with employers. We hope that more video creatives will be able to use these new features to find work.

Image courtesy: Vimeo