Instagram is creating “Vertical Stories”, a feature to compete with TikTok. The feature would be through the stories section of the app. Instead of swiping horizontally, it would be vertical. 

Adopting ideas

Different social platforms seem to adopt ideas from competitors to make them their own, especially from TikTok. For example, Instagram’s “Reels”, a vertical video-based feed separate from the main feed, reads almost identical to Tiktok. Often, TikToks are reposted to Reels with the logo still visible. 

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted about the feature after doing some digging. TechCrunch later confirmed that Instagram is developing Vertical Stories. Vertical Instagram Story feeds are not yet public.  

Vertical video feeds

The idea of this development is on track with the modernization of vertical video feeds. Stories, however, are unique in their nature. Users can share photos, videos, static posts and exerts from IGTV. Much of these types of stories still thrive. The move to vertical viewing of stories may be a complicated switch to adhere to the properties of these types of posts.

The practice of vertical swiping is very enticing as much of social media largely uses this convention. Viewers are able to see this practice as they scroll through their feeds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and countless more. Not to mention the majority of the internet uses vertical scrolling.  

Vertical Instagram Stories assumably would be more personable with most of it content from people you engage with most. 

Future developments

Instagram continually focuses on increasing engagement with its audience. They consistently add features for their users to expand their creativity through video. However, it may be an overload for users who are comfortable with the main functions of Instagram. 

Instagram isn’t the only social media platform trying to hone in on the achievements of TikTok. There is obviously something in vertical video feeds the has sparked engagement in millions around the world. Time will tell if Instagram decides to release this feature or not.