Twitter’s Spaces, a live audio feature that operates similar to Clubhouse, now can earn you money. Twitter is releasing Ticketed Spaces to a few select US users on iOS devices.

Spaces is a relatively new feature on Twitter. Released just a few months ago, in June of this year, Twitter promised users would be able to monetize their Space events. One of the ways they said users would be able to monetize was a feature they referred to as Ticketed Spaces.

How Ticketed Spaces work?

As the name suggests, Ticketed Spaces are like Spaces, but viewers have to purchase tickets to attend the event. The host of the event can set the ticket price between $1 to $999. Twitter says it takes a three percent cut of the revenue earned from Ticketed Spaces. However, since the features are currently only available on iOS, they must include Apple’s in-app purchase fee. So, creators are looking at about a 67 percent cut of the revenues made. However, there’s a catch. Once a creator earns over $50K, Twitter will raise their cut from three percent to 20 percent — lowering the creator’s cut to 47 percent.

Applications are open for iOS users

While Twitter’s officially releasing the feature, it’s also still testing it. So, it’s rolling it out to a few select US creators on iOS. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can now apply for Ticketed Spaces from your profile. You have to meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Have a complete profile (account name, a bio, a profile picture and a header image)
  • Verified email address
  • Have two-factor authentication enabled
  • No history of repeatedly violating Twitter’s policies
  • Your profile doesn’t use the identity of another person or brand (profiles featuring animals or fictional characters are ineligible unless directly affiliated with your brand)
  • Your account is not a state-affiliated media account
  • You have at least 1,000 active followers
  • You have hosted at least 3 Spaces within the last 30 days

Currently, this is just a limited release, so Twitter might only be accepting a set number of users at this time. We expect as the testing commences, Twitter will eventually release Ticketed Spaces to more users. We also accept the feature to release to Android users as well down the line.

Differing from the competition

While Twitter Spaces is similar to Clubhouse, it doesn’t seem the platform’s interested in making a complete clone. Clubhouse doesn’t offer a paid ticket monetization option for creators. So, while Spaces is similar to Clubhouse, it’s innovating at the same time. This and future updates to Spaces could allow Spaces to be the go-to place for online live audio events.

Image courtesy: Twitter