Twitch streamer Joey Khao also known as ‘JoeyKaotyk’ was detained in Fukushima for trespassing on buildings near the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. Fukushima experienced a catastrophic nuclear meltdown in 2011 due to a magnitude-nine earthquake; the town is still nuclear-reactive to this day. 

Since the earthquake, the level of radiation has decreased, making it generally safe for tourists to visit some parts of the prefecture. This might have intrigued explorers such as Khao. Together with Michael Gakuran (real name Michael Downey), they set off on an adventure in a small town in Fukushima prefecture and streamed it on Twitch. 

JoeyKaotyk was detained for 35 days 

According to a report by Fukushima TV, Khao and Downey were found by the police in Okuma’s prohibited zone, illegally exploring buildings and abandoned houses. Joey Khao announced on Twitter that he was detained by the police for 35 days. 

According to him, “I’ve got a lot to say and stories to tell. Explaining everything on my next stream.” However, his fans need to wait until Twitch’s temporary 30-day ban on his account is lifted. Co-streamers are also relieved that he is back and safe after a month of no updates from his social media accounts. 

Japan’s rules on visiting the abandoned town 

Visitors can access the “Difficult-to-Return Zone” of Fukishima with written permission. There are also tours that take you to Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, Memorial Museum, Namie Town and Futaba Town. 

Hope Tourism, which centered around Fukushima and learning about the disaster, has tours exactly for this. Exploring the area without a permit and filming it, as Khao and Downey did, is illegal. For those who want to tour Fukushima, you have to coordinate with designated authorities.

Being a content creator, as Khao’s detention shows, does not make you invincible. Khao’s detention is a reminder to influencers and visitors alike that rules are set in place in each country and researching is a must before traveling.