Twitch’s just announced that Twitch Studio, its in-house streaming platform, is shutting down. The public has had access to the software for about five years prior to this decision.

Low usage and quick switches

In 2019, Twitch Studio was introduced to help new streamers start their livestreaming careers. In an official blog post, Twitch revealed that the program hasn’t been used extensively.

“We will be discontinuing support of Twitch Studio after May 30, 2024. We first launched Twitch Studio to help brand new streamers get started with streaming. However, since the launch, usage of Twitch Studio has remained fairly low,” the post stated.

In addition, after using Twitch Studio, a lot of streamers quickly moved to other programs. “Data shows us that most streamers quickly switch over to other streaming software, like OBS to take advantage of more advanced features,” Twitch admitted.

Redirecting resources

Twitch Studio support will end on May 30. The resources used for Twitch Studio will be redirected by Twitch to other projects that will better benefit the community.

“While we greatly appreciate our Twitch Studio streamers, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue support to allow us to redirect our resources into areas that can better serve our wider community,” Twitch explained.

A guide on how to switch from Twitch Studio to other streaming software was also included in the blog post. OBS, Streamlabs Desktop, XSplit, Vmix, Elgato Game Capture, Live Gamer Extreme and Lightstream are the applications that Twitch suggests using.

Challenges and future plans

In the past few years, Twitch has faced many challenges, such as significant waves of layoffs and complex policy changes. Kick and other streaming services are becoming increasingly competitive with the platform.

Dan Clancy, Twitch’s CEO, has laid out the platform’s 2024 strategy. This roadmap includes several adjustments and enhancements designed to improve the user experience.