Twitch CEO Dan Clancy recently shared the platform’s future planned updates and improvements for 2024, with the goal of boosting user experience and community participation. Plus, even though Twitch faced difficulties in 2023, such as policy changes and layoffs, Clancy reiterated the company’s dedication to being a community-focused livestreaming service.

Redesigning the Twitch mobile app

One of the main highlights of Clancy’s update post was that Twitch intends to redesign its mobile app, which will prioritize a Discover Feed a la TikTok. The goal of this redesign is to offer a more modern and user-friendly viewing experience.

Twitch admits that it still has problems with discoverability. Plans call for strengthening co-streaming capabilities and adding options to export stream clips to Instagram in addition to boosting features like the Discover Feed and Stories.

In an effort to strengthen user relationships, Clancy also revealed changes to Hype Train and interactions with Bits, as well as new milestones and awards for community involvement.

Revenue generation and pricing changes

In addition to the significant changes, Twitch intends to raise its subscription costs internationally, building on earlier adjustments made in a few countries, such as the U.K. and Turkey. More advertisements and new sponsorships are also being added as part of trying to increase income for creators.

“We anticipate raising sub prices in some additional countries later this year. We’ll make sure to give you plenty of notice before we introduce additional changes in this area,” Clancy wrote in a blog post.

This announcement has sparked mixed reactions within the streaming community. Some express concerns over increased ad frequency and subscription prices, while others welcome improvements to combat harassment and enhance the mobile experience.

Future plans and CEO engagement

Clancy intends to continue engaging with Twitch streamers personally to better understand their challenges and needs, emphasizing the importance of community feedback in shaping Twitch’s future direction.