Twitch has launched a new interactive chat feature called Power-ups. This new feature looks to enhance viewer experience and supports streamers through Bits. Three Power-ups will be available initially, with more expected to roll out later this year.

What are Power-ups?

The goal of Power-ups is to increase the fun and engagement of Twitch chat, letting users customize their comments and the stream with additional effects by using Bits, Twitch’s virtual currency. According to Twitch, “Power-ups are designed to provide fun, interactive ways for viewers to support streamers using Bits.”

Viewers can purchase bits to support their favorite streamers, each worth one cent, and livestreamers are paid 50% of the Bit earnings.

Available Power-ups

Currently, there are three Power-ups available:

  1. Message Effects: These add colorful effects to messages, making them stand out in the chat. For example, Rainbow Eclipse and Emote Party are two popular effects.
  2. On-Screen Celebration: This feature triggers a virtual party on the stream with unlocked chat emotes, lighting up the stream for everyone to see.
  3. Gigantify Emote: This Power-up sends large versions of emotes.

These Power-ups can be accessed through the Bits icon in the chat window.

Streamer flexibility and customization

Streamers now have more options for using Power-ups. They can decide how much they will charge for these interactions and how frequently their viewers can use these features in their chats. Although Twitch offers suggested starting pricing, streamers can adjust it in accordance with their audience.

Twitch plans to introduce more Power-ups in the future, along with more customization options. “We want Power-ups to be exactly what streamers and viewers want them to be,” Twitch stated. This means streamers will eventually be able to create unique Power-ups experiences tailored to their channels.