TikTok announced that it has more monetization programs for its creators on the way, one of which is a $6 million fund solely for viral effects and filters. Effect Creator Rewards is TikTok’s newest initiative to reward creators of Effect House, their AR tool where creators make and publish their effects and filters. TikTok acknowledged that many of the creations sparked trends in the community and that this new fund aims to encourage more creators to make more engaging and creative effects.

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How much will creators receive?

According to TikTok, an effect with unique 500K videos within 90 days will be paid $700. If the effect gains additional 100K videos after publication, the creator will receive another $140 as long as it is in the same 90 days timeframe. However, after 90 days have lapsed, the effect will no longer be eligible for the Effect Creator Rewards. 

When TikTok launched Effect Beta House early this year, it aimed to expand the tools and learning resources for creators of Community Effects. With this new monetization program for such creators, TikTok says, “Our investment in Effect Creator Rewards furthers that commitment, expanding opportunities for effect creators and helping support and reward their passion and creativity.”

There’s another program for TikTok’s creators

TikTok also introduced Creativity Program Beta early this year to help creators foster their passion and creativity. Creators from US, France and Brazil with authentic 100K videos in the last 30 days and at least 10K followers are eligible to join the program. This program is TikTok’s new solution to the issues they met with their controversial Creator Fund, which aims to give creators higher rewards. 

Another good news is that beginning June 6th, qualified creators of the TikTok Series can post premium content behind paywalls. Fans willing to pay for exclusive content can watch videos up to 20 minutes long. 

All of these are TikTok’s monetization solutions to reward their creators. Hopefully this time it will be more successful than their previous programs.