After a successful campaign for its livestreaming campaign, TikTok is introducing a new feature to its livestream service. 

TikTok Global Live Fest

Global Live Fest is TikTok’s campaign that started back in November 2023. It’s an event where creators can share their creativity with the TikTok community, connect with other creators and earn rewards for their content. The Byte-Dance-owned app reported that around 2.3 million creators all over the globe joined LIVE Fest, with 38 million users turning to the homepage. 

For this massive event, TikTok teamed up with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). With the help of the TikTok community, the event raised $500,000 to support WFP’s mission of ending world hunger. 

“Ending world hunger is one of the greatest challenges of our times. Everyone can make a difference and be a part of the solution. We are grateful to TikTok and to the many creators and users in the TikTok community who engaged in the “WFP Game Against Hunger” during LIVE Fest, thereby helping to unlock TikTok’s donation towards WFP’s operations, which provide vital food assistance and support for children and families in vulnerable communities around the world,” said Caroline den Dulk, WFP Director of Communications, Advocacy, and Marketing Division.

New livestreaming feature

After the success of this campaign, it has been proven that TikTok LIVE is a powerful tool that creators and viewers can use to make a difference. Aside from the rewards and interaction, livestreaming on the app is a great avenue for charity events. Because of this, TikTok is seeing merit in improving and adding more features to LIVE. 

Social media analyst Jonah Manzano spotted a new feature called Sub Space. This feature allows subscribers to contribute to threads and polls that creators create. There will be four categories of the threads, which are #mystory, #chat, #askanything and #polls. They can also start a subscriber-only live.