While TikTok currently rules the short-form video market, it has lagged behind its competition when it comes to livestreaming. However, that might change soon. TikTok recently announced a few new livestreaming features geared towards creators.

What new livestreaming features are coming to TikTok?

LIVE Events

If TikTok creators want to schedule a livestream in advance, they can now do so. LIVE Events gives creators time to promote an upcoming livestream to their followers. Being able to promote a livestream ahead of time will almost undoubtedly bring more people to the event. Also, people can register to get notifications about the livestream as well, so it’s easier for them to stay informed about upcoming events from their favorite creators.

TikTok Live Events
Image courtesy: TikTok

Co-host streaming

One feature TikTok livestreams have desperately lacked that many of its competitors have is the ability to host a stream with another person. Now, TikTok supports co-stream, so creators can pair up and stream with one other person. There are also reports suggesting TikTok is testing streams with more guests, so we might see more co-hosting support in the near future.


Before, viewers had to stay inside the TikTok app to watch a livestream. However, now they can continue watching the livestream in Picture-in-Picture mode. Also, the feature works on iOS and Android devices so that everyone can use the mode.

Live moderator

Now, creators can assign a person to manage their streams before their livestream. They can do this by going into Settings and assigning who can moderate. The person can help mute and block hecklers who may be causing issues during the stream.

TikTok moderator
Image courtesy: TikTok

Live Q&A

It’s now easier for streamers to respond to viewers’ questions. The new LIVE Q&A helps streams select, showcase and answer questions during the stream.

Keyword filters and comment warnings

In a move to fight against bullying and hateful comments, creators can either turn off comments or ban up to 200 terms into the keyword filter. Additionally, TikTok will now ask commenters to reconsider their words before commenting to prevent hurtful, abusive comments. It’ll be interesting to see if this tactic will reduce the number of negative, trolling comments in livestream chats. We’ll have to see what kind of impact it has as the feature comes out.

Though many of these features aren’t necessarily groundbreaking in the livestreaming space (many other major platforms already offer them), they’re necessary for TikTok’s livestreaming service. After rolling out these features, TikTok is positioning itself to better compete in the future when it inevitably releases more livestream features and support.