Today, TikTok and Vimeo announced a major partnership that will make it easier to make and distribute video ads on TikTok. The partnership allows TikTok to integrate Vimeo’s video tool into its platform, allowing businesses to create video ads for their TikTok followers.

Now, Vimeo subscribers can use its Create software to develop video ads and distribute them directly on TikTok (via the platform’s ad manager).

How will the partnership help small businesses?

According to Vimeo, its partnership with TikTok will allow businesses to create “effective” video ads quickly and efficiently. To this end, we can already see the effects the partnership is having. In pre-release tests, participating businesses saw up to 50% higher click-through rates than previous campaigns. Additionally, those businesses were able to create twice as many videos in the same time span. It is likely due to the integration’s ad templates for TikTok.

For example, Ahimsa Home, a stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer, was able to earn over 120,000 impressions after creating ads for TikTok through Vimeo. It also got more than 700 sales.

Vimeo joins TikTok’s Marketing Partners program

In addition to the partnership, TikTok has added Vimeo to its Marketing Partners program. In total, the program has about 30 members. All of the members are partners with TikTok and provide various technologies for advertising. Now that Vimeo’s a part of the program, it’s a certified partner of TikTok.

TikTok’s massive popularity naturally means that it has a large userbase. From the looks of it, TikTok and Vimeo’s partnership will help many smaller businesses increase their audience engagement. And that, ultimately, will help their bottom lines.