TikTok is making big changes to its Effect Creator Rewards program to help more creators earn money.

Expansion to more countries

TikTok is now bringing the Effect Creator Rewards program to Effect creators in 33 new countries, making it available in a total of 53 regions. This means more creators from places like Argentina, Austria, Mexico, Egypt and Thailand can join and start earning rewards for their effects.

The app has also made it easier for creators to qualify for the program. Initially, creators had to have their effects used in 500,000 videos to start earning rewards. Then, it dropped to 200,000 videos, Now, it’s down to just 100,000 videos. This change opens up the opportunity for more creators to make money from their creations.

Changes in payout model

TikTok has updated how creators get paid through the Effect Creator Rewards program. Before, private videos could count towards the minimum requirement. However, only public videos will be considered now. This might mean fewer videos qualify for rewards, but TikTok is introducing a new payment system called RPM (revenue per mile). This system pays creators for each qualified video above the 100,000 mark.

Creators can earn up to $14,000 for a single effect and a maximum of $50,000 per month. Some creators have already reached these maximum payouts.

TikTok mentioned, “Last year, we launched Effect Creator Rewards to celebrate our creator community and the outstanding effects they create for TikTok. Since then, creators from all over the world have been able to collect significant cash rewards for their trending effects.”

Moving forward with more rewards

The purpose of these changes to the Effect Creator Rewards program is to help and inspire creators to continue producing interesting content for TikTok. With more countries supported and more relaxed eligibility requirements, TikTok is enabling creators to make money off of their skill and creativity.