TikTok and Teespring are teaming up to make it easier for TikTok creators to sell their merchandise directly from the app.

Teespring plans to roll out integration into TikTok very soon. Currently, the integration is undergoing testing with a limited group of users. This integration is an excellent update for TikTok creators since many of them have an existing partnership with Teespring. In an interview, Teespring CEO Chris Lamontagne told The Verge the integration would allow “creators to create their own products on Teespring, push it directly to TikTok, and then have fans be able to buy products directly through TikTok.”

Selling Teespring merchandise in the TikTok app

Right now, about 7,000 creators in the US can test the private beta for the Teespring integration. They can create and design “from a choice of 180 different products as well as the opportunity to create bespoke products which are completely unique to them,” according to a press release. While the standard shirts and hoodies are available through the integration, more specialized merch will be available. For instance, creators can sell skateboard decks.

“We believe, based on the current trend, that non-apparel items will be outselling apparel by this time next year,” Lamontagne said to The Verge. “Layering in really smart commerce opportunities is key, so it could be physical merchandise or it could be something more digital.”

Things are still being ironed out

While the release of the feature is nearing, there are still some unanswered questions. For instance, we don’t know the threshold eligible for creators to have access to the feature. We also don’t know how the merchandise shelf will appear in the video. It could be similar to YouTube, which displays a creator’s Teespring shelf right under the video. The layout of TikTok differs from YouTube, so it will be a more significant challenge to incorporate the shelf.

When is the integration release?

We can expect to see the full integration released this month. By then the team should have the creator eligibility sorted out.