TikTok is rolling out a new feature that benefits brands looking to boost their advertising game. It has introduced “Sounds for Business – Voice Clips,” featuring snippets of audio recorded by well-known TikTok creators. This move aims to enhance the audio options available to advertisers and make it easier for them to connect with their target audiences.

What’s new in TikTok’s audio library

The platform’s “Commercial Audio Library” now includes additional audio clips from influencers like Anania, Matt Buechele, Devin Halbal, Good Children, Sani Sisters and Very Gay Paint. These clips, which are free for advertisers, offer a diverse range of voices and sounds that can improve their promotional content.

TikTok highlights the benefits of these voice clips, stating, “Our all-new Sounds for Business – Voice Clips were developed to help brands of all sizes easily create a diverse range of sound-rich content with 18 custom voiceover audio templates you can use in all of your TikTok videos.”

Simplifying the creative process

By using these pre-recorded audio samples, brands can avoid the difficulties associated with getting individual licenses. By streamlining the campaign design process, this simplicity frees up advertisers to focus on creating compelling content instead of negotiating legal obstacles.

Renowned voices from TikTok’s influencer network can help marketers establish a more genuine connection with their target market. These voice clips aim to strengthen a brand’s visibility on the platform and offer a distinctive soundtrack for content.

Audio’s role in TikTok’s appeal

TikTok’s focus on audio is supported by user preferences in addition to strategic considerations. 88% of TikTok users, according to studies, believe that sound is essential to the app experience. Additionally, when ads have sound, 73% of users are prompted to interact with them, underscoring the importance of audio in drawing in viewers.