Virtual YouTubers, commonly called VTubers, have been around for a while and are now finally gaining more popularity among the general public. However, despite VTubers’ current popularity, they’re still not as celebrated as real-life streamers. For example, in award shows, such as the Streamy Awards and The Streamer Awards, VTubers are celebrated in a dedicated category but aren’t often nominated in other categories. Note that the Streamy Awards choose nominees by the Streamys Academy, while The Streamer Awards’ nominees are selected primarily by the public. This shows that VTubers, while popular, still aren’t as popular or recognized as much as real-life streamers by the public and the industry.’

However, now, it seems that VTubers will be getting their own award show, the first annual VTuber Awards 2023. It will be held this December and will be solely dedicated to celebrating VTubers.

The goal of VTuber Awards

The VTuber Awards aims to recognize VTubers across different categories, languages and cultures to highlight “their triumphs in a friendly atmosphere of collaboration and respect.” The awards show will air on December 16 and will be hosted by VTuber Filian. It’s organized by talent agency Mythic Talent and will be produced by WePlay Studios. The VTuber Awards 2023 will be hosted live at the WePlay Esports Arena in Los Angeles. 

This is going to be a huge event for the VTubing space. According to the show’s organizers, VTubers can be nominated “regardless of their language of communication, audience size, genre of communication and gender–the award is open to every creator and provides everyone with equal chances and conditions.” 

Viewers and participants can also expect that it will be a large-scale event with red-carpet interviews. VTubing technology and debut teasers of upcoming VTubers will also be showcased. 

Categories of VTuber Awards

Fillian revealed the categories of the VTuber Awards during his stream early this month. There will be 25 categories where VTubers can win from. Winners of each category are determined in three phases: nominations, voting and ceremony. If you want to vote, you can browse the list of nominees here. The following are the categories in VTuber Awards: 

  • Best Music VTuber
  • Best Art VTuber
  • Best FPS VTuber
  • Best Minecraft VTuber
  • Best Roleplay/ASMR VTuber
  • Best Just Chatting/Zatsu VTuber
  • Best Tech VTuber
  • Funniest VTuber
  • Most Chaotic VTuber
  • League of their Own
  • Hidden Gem
  • Rising Star
  • Miss VTuber
  • Best VTuber Org
  • Rising VTuber Org
  • VTuber Clipper
  • VTuber Parent of the Year
  • Most Dedicated Fanbase
  • Best Philanthropic Event
  • Best Concert Event
  • Best Streamed Event
  • Stream Game of the Year
  • Lewdtuber of the Year
  • Gamer of the Year
  • VTuber of the Year