In a nutshell

  • Start your journey to becoming a Partner by meeting Twitch’s Affiliate requirements
  • Building your online presence and advertising when you’re streaming will help grow people’s awareness of your channel
  • It’s best to show that you are engaging and appealing to your audience

There’s no principal rule or conventional method for becoming a Twitch Partner. Even if you follow Twitch’s guidelines for becoming a Partner, it still doesn’t offer a guarantee you will get that partnership. So, how do you reach the illustrious status of Twitch Partner? Let’s take a look.

What is a Twitch Partner?

Becoming a Twitch Partner means you have achieved the distinguished status of being a part of Twitch’s official partnership program. Essentially, Partners have more opportunities to make money on Twitch than Affiliates. Currently, Partners earn a higher split of revenue than Affiliates. Also, Partners have more advertising opportunities overall.

Twitch limits its partnership program to creators with premium content that it feels it can associate its brand with. The partnership program requirements are far more specific and trickier than its Affiliate program. With the Affiliate program, the requirements are less stringent and more obtainable. Joining the affiliate program is a criterion for gaining Twitch partnership eligibility, but even Affiliates have been refused by Twitch’s Partner gatekeepers.

However, for those committed to streaming and ready to level up from Affiliate, the barriers can still lead to a surprising setback for some broadcasters. So, it’s best to be prepared and do everything in your power to ensure you lock in your partnership.

What are Twitch’s requirements for becoming a Partner?

Despite the fact that it’s not easy to become a Twitch Partner, it’s still not impossible. However, it is harder than becoming an Affiliate. For instance, creators have to stream for 25 hours over 12 different days, with an average of 75 concurrent viewers per month. Even if you hit this number, it isn’t a guarantee Twitch will accept your Partner application. However, it’s the bare minimum you need to have. Achieving higher concurrent viewers than the minimum will increase your chances of getting accepted.

If you want to see all the requirements you need to reach to become a Partner, check out Twitch’s guide.

Ways to become a Twitch Partner fast

Reach Affiliate status and keep growing

The first step to becoming a Twitch Partner is to reach Affiliate status. This is easier to achieve than Partner status. You know already that you need 75 viewers over a month to qualify for the ‘Path to Partner’ achievement, a requirement for the Twitch Partner program. However, if you have an engaged following on another platform with a large subscriber and following fanbase, Twitch may consider your application even if you don’t meet this requirement. Cross-promote your social media channels. Let’s face it. You have to be realistic. People aren’t going to discover you through Twitch’s search system if you have a small audience. That’s just not the way the algorithm works. You can grow your following on other social media platforms and gaming sites and bring your followers and subscribers to your Twitch channel.

Find out who is your regional/partnership account manager

This involves some serious networking. Nevertheless, knowing the right people who make final decisions on your Partnership application can get your application considered for membership, especially if you bring value to the platform. 

Pick an unsaturated but popular game, and stream it

It’s hard to make it on Twitch streaming in a category saturated with competition. The best way to grow on Twitch is to pick a game that not a lot of people stream but that has an audience looking for more content. Doing this will make you one of just a few streamers viewers can choose to go to.

Get your chat active

Twitch is always enthusiastically looking for a high engagement rate. An engaged chat signals quality content to Twitch and demonstrates the value of the streamer who created it. An engaged audience is a testament to high-quality content and the value the creator delivers. There are numerous ways you can get your chat active, such as asking them questions, running polls and placing bets for channel points. The engagement standard also makes it tough for content creators to get over or just get by when it comes to meeting eligibility requirements. This way, everyone is guaranteed a fair shot at Partnership. 

Monitor your streaming frequency

To be eligible for Partner status, you must maintain your streams to keep from falling below the minimum requirement. Stream frequency is an imperative metric to supervise. Keep your streams at reasonable lengths, and always consider quality over quantity when creating content. Though, you want to make sure you stream enough to keep your channel numbers healthy.

Get your viewers to become subscribers

Nothing shows engagement and interest better than numbers. Twitch is a business, and it wants to see numbers. That’s why Twitch has standards to begin with. Twitch knows that a set percentage of viewers become subscribers. It has a set level of concurrent viewers. Improve your community engagement by boosting those subscriber numbers up. Be the channel with an extraordinarily high number of subs. Increase profits and get noticed as a beneficial streamer for the Twitch platform. It’s up to you to make Twitch take notice and find the right incentives to invest in you and make you a Partner as soon as possible.

Take your first step toward Partnership on Twitch

Becoming a Twitch Partner has no standard approach or step-by-step process. Sure, you can network and get to know some important people at your regional location, but Partnership still comes with effort. You still have to stand out above the competition and ahead of the crowd. It’s a matter of researching and perfecting, diligence and perseverance. The key to achieving Partnership is to never fear the odds.