A year after Substack launched its native video player, the company is now adding more video tools for its writers. These tools include video podcasts, customizable paywalls and AI-generated transcripts. 

Publishing videos made easy

Gone are the days where users have to upload a video on YouTube first and embed the link to Substack. Now, they can upload these exclusive videos directly on the platform. The direct upload option is available on the dashboard. Substack said that it will eventually separate the audio and video for those who have a dedicated audience to either format. 

Flexible paywall options

Substack is also launching its flexible paywall options for podcasters. Creators can upload a clip of a video/episode and have it viewable for free. This way, their audience can get a preview of their premium content. 

The free preview, according to Substack, will then show a prompt for a paid subscription. This new business strategy will help creators lock the rest of the content behind a paywall. Such flexibility, in addition to the ability to publish direct videos, gives more monetization options for creators. 

New AI-generated transcripts

Once creators have uploaded a video, a transcript generated by an AI tool will be automatically created. This transcript can be shown alongside the video. The audience can click through any part of the transcript and then they will be brought to that part of the video. 

More updates from Substack

Aside from these updates, Substack also announced that viewers and readers can create custom clips from the creator’s videos. These clips can be shared on other platforms as a link or as a downloaded format. The animated bumper will give credit to the source of the video so other viewers will know where it’s from. All these tools and upgrades, according to Substack, “put creators in charge, giving them more ownership and control of their content and relationships.”