TwitchCon 2023 is set to happen in October in Las Vegas. It’s one of the two major events of Twitch this year, one of which is TwitchCon Paris which concluded this month. As the major event in Las Vegas is fast approaching, safety issues have been raised. 

TwitchCon called out for not having enough water for the event 

Twitch streamer Lowco called out Twitch in a tweet, stating that the TwitchCon Party that costs $100 and only has three free bottles of water. For context, the ticket to the event costs $140 alone. The streamer also posted a photo of TwitchCon Party’s add-ons which includes outdoor festival grounds with DJs, dueling axes, asylum bar and arcade, iron golf, art installation, art house and three drink tickets to be used for water, soda or alcoholic beverages.

With the current temperature, Lowco argued that all guests should have free water and not just ticket holders. Most of the replies agree that the three drink options are ridiculous, as the heatwave will possibly hit Las Vegas. However, one Twitter user replied, “The need to be negative is wild,” after saying TwitchCon is just letting people know their drink options as not everyone drinks alcohol. Lowco responded, “Not having free water at an event that costs $100 during dangerously high temperatures is absolutely worth complaining about.”

Twitch did not specify if there would be free tap water stations on site. It only says three drink tickets for the TwitchCon Party ticket holders. It’s also worth noting that the recently concluded TwitchCon Paris 2023 had security issues when Twitch pushed through with the event amidst the riots. We still have to see if Twitch would give updates on free water stations, as guests feel there’s a huge need for it.