REVOLT, a company selling merchandise for popular creators like MrBeast, is under fire after YouTube investigator Coffeezilla discovered the company owed a lot of money to its clients.  

However, things became a lot more serious when the head of the company, Ryan Piasente, was accused of sexual assault by various individuals he worked with.

Financial troubles and scams

In his latest video, Coffeezilla did an investigation into REVOLT and found out that the company made $20 million in 2021. But instead of paying its partnered creators on time, it used a Ponzi-like scheme where it got money from new deals to pay old debts. This became a big issue when sales slowed down, and people had problems getting the merch they ordered.

REVOLT got into even more trouble when they worked with MrBeast. The company allegedly promised MrBeast to make $50 million a year, which it knew was impossible. The plan didn’t work out and REVOLT didn’t earn enough to pay MrBeast the minimum amount they guaranteed. To make up for it, the company changed the numbers on their invoices, charging MrBeast more than they agreed to. 

Ryan Piasente and sexual assault allegations

While investigating REVOLT, Coffeezilla also found out something even more serious. 

Some people have approached Coffeezilla with accusations of sexual assault against Ryan Piasente, including allegedly drugging them and invading their privacy. There were also messages showing Piasente using the company’s money to pay people for their naked images.

No response from Piasente

Even though Coffeezilla tried to reach out to Ryan Piasente about these accusations, he hasn’t responded. REVOLT also did not publicly address the money problems or the accusations against Piasent.

Featured image courtesy: Coffeezilla