Video editing could get time-consuming and slow down the process of content creation. To make the lives of editors and content creators easier, Adobe is introducing a series of AI tools to Premiere Pro, After Effects and, which aim to make video editing more efficient for all creators. 

Adobe Premiere Pro’s new features

Adobe Premiere Pro adds the Enhance Speech feature that automatically detects and removes background noises. This AI-powered tool, according to Adobe, makes the quality of the audio sound as if it’s “recorded in a professional studio.” Users are provided with a mix slider to control how much enhancement they want to apply. The best thing about this feature is that users can continue editing while the speech is being enhanced in the background. 

Additionally, Adobe is adding a feature to its Text-Based Editing tool. The filler word detection detects fillers or verbal pauses such as “ums,” “hmm” and “uhs.” It automatically identifies and deletes these fillers both in audio and transcriptions. So if you’re editing multiple takes or highlights from a long stream, you can edit out all the “ums” from your edit.

More updates to After Effects and

Aside from the updates for Premiere Pro, Adobe is also adding the true 3D workspace in After Effects, which allows users to use image-based lighting that makes the 3D image appear natural. Users can now also import 3D model files in OBJ, GLTF and GLB formats and render them in the same 3D space as native After Effects cameras, lights and other 3D layers. 

Lastly, made updates to its comparison viewer. Users can now view video, audio, photo, design files and PDF assets side-by-side, allowing them to compare and annotate more efficiently. So, if you’re working with your creative team or other creators, these updates will help speed up the process.

Faster workflow for editors and creators

Overall, these new features aim to make the workflow of editors and creators more efficient. Removing background noises, long pauses and fillers will take a fraction of the time in Premiere Pro. And, with the Enhance Speech and Text-Based Editing tool, editors can focus on other aspects of editing while the tools automate the process for them.