With Twitch, YouTube Live and Kick all battling to be the top platform for livestreaming, a new contender has emerged. This new streaming platform aims to revolutionize the way users experience live content. Say hello to the latest streaming platform Noice

So, how will it contend against the industry giants Twitch and Kick? According to Noice, it aims to do this by seamlessly integrating minigames into streaming sessions.

What is Noice?

On November 21, several industry veterans announced a new streaming platform called Noice. One of these veterans is their CEO Jussi Laakkonen, who was the previous Executive Vice President of Unity Technologies. 

Just like Twitch and Kick, Noice allows users to stream games while earning money and the revenue split is quite favorable for the streamer. Creators take 70% of their earnings, while 30% go to the platform. 

Aside from giving benefits to content creators, Noice also plans to provide more features to improve people’s viewing experience. 

Minigames for Viewers

Noice aims to add an additional layer to the viewing experience to offer viewers the chance to play a game while watching a stream. 

Whenever a streamer plays a supported game, viewers have a chance to predict what will happen next, similar to how Twitch handles predictions. Viewers can make these predictions through cards. If their prediction is correct, they’ll gain points. At the end of the stream, the viewers with the highest number of points will be featured on the leaderboard. 

To make the platform more interactive, viewers can also team up with others to form teams and strategies or influence the streamer’s action through chat.  

A friend or foe to Twitch?

One of Noice’s main goals is to innovate and make the streaming industry a better place. “I admire Twitch,” said Laakkoken. Noice isn’t just looking to compete with the giants. They don’t ask streamers to use the platform exclusively. “We don’t believe in that,” he continued. 

Noice hopes that allowing content creators to stream wherever they want will boost engagement and it will be a win-win situation for the streamers, viewers and developers.

Currently Noice is in closed beta. You can join the wait list here.