TikTok is tuning into the power of online shopping by testing new avenues for profit. A new feature in the works would allow creators to add links in videos to products for purchase. This development will give the means to creators and TikTok to make a commission. 

New tools

In a Financial Times report, a list of new tools is on the way to TikTok. One of them being the ability to add links to videos for eligible creators for an affiliate commission. Another, a feature that lays out products similar to that of an online shop but, within the TikTok app. This feature is exclusively for established brands. Lastly, “livestreamed shopping” a play on the TV shopping channels. Livestreamed shopping will allow users to purchase products with a tap after seeing famous TikTokers champion them. 

The move towards being involved in e-commerce is not a new focus of TikTok. The app in the past found success like with users being able to attract links to their profile bios in 2019. They have an existing partnership with Shopify. The trending aspect of TikTok shows great potential for products to go viral like, showerheads.

The TikTok audience

TikTok has a large base for Gen Z users reportedly. TikTok claims that a substantial amount of users do not have Facebook or Twitter. This creates an exclusivity sell for advertisers looking to make a profit through TikTok. The Gen Z audience presents much room for experimenting to see how they may interact with these tools. It’s a great way to see how influencers may actually influence sales in this age group. 

This year will bring these new tools to light. It will be insightful to see how TikTok users engage with them. Depending on the effect of these tools assumedly other social platforms will latch on to the developments of TikTok. Borrowing successful features is becoming a common practice in the social media world especially when there is a profit involved.