Jimmy Donaldson, better known online as MrBeast, was recently recognized by YouTube for his remarkable feat of amassing 200 million subscribers. MrBeast is now the first individual creator to reach this achievement.

MrBeast’s 200 million trophy

YouTube awarded MrBeast a special trophy in recognition of his achievement. The trophy itself is shaped like the logo of his channel.

On Tuesday, MrBeast posted a photo of himself and his buddies clutching the trophy, captioned, “YouTube sent us this 200,000,000-subscriber award.” His post received more than 3.2 million likes.

Jimmy Donaldson’s YouTube videos that go viral have made him extremely well-known. His extravagant videos, intricate challenges and charitable endeavors have attracted a great deal of attention and has grown his brand steadily.

With 242 million subscribers as of March 2024, having passed PewDiePie in 2022, MrBeast is breaking all previous records in the world of online content creation.

YouTube’s recognition

It’s a longstanding tradition at YouTube to give out special awards to exceptional creators. Alongside PewDiePie and T-Series, who were recognized with the Red Diamond Award for surpassing 100 million subscribers, Mr. Beast is the newest member of the esteemed group.

MrBeast’s content creation journey

With millions of subscribers globally and a wide variety of content on multiple channels, MrBeast’s impact goes well beyond his upbringing in North Carolina. And, although he just got his 200 million subscriber award, he’s likely to hit 300 million subscribers later this year. Will have to see if YouTube will send him a 300 million subscriber award as well.

Featured image courtesy: MrBeast