Famed YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known as MrBeast, has partnered with the fast-food chain Zaxby’s to launch a new meal called the MrBeast Box. This new collaboration brings together MrBeast’s popular brand and Zaxby’s tasty chicken dishes.

What’s inside the MrBeast Box?

The MrBeast Box, which can be purchased for $13, is available at Zaxby’s locations across the country. The meal box includes a variety of items carefully chosen by MrBeast himself, which contains:

  • Four chicken fingers, marinated for 12 hours and hand-breaded
  • Crispy crinkle fries with a special seasoning
  • Cheddar bites, which are pieces of fried white cheddar cheese
  • Two slices of buttery garlic Texas toast
  • Two of Zaxby’s signature sauces: Zax Sauce and Ranch
  • A Feastables Milk Chocolate Bar, featuring a new recipe

“I grew up going to Zaxby’s,” MrBeast said. “So, when we started talking and decided to make the MrBeast Box, I knew it’d be perfect to include my new Feastables bar in it. It’s the world’s best chocolate bar and the world’s best chicken, simple as that.”

More than just a meal

There’s more to this collaboration than a meal box. MrBeast and Zaxby’s plan to collaborate on social media content and video integrations. Fans may expect more entertaining and fun content from MrBeast and Zaxby’s in the future.

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Patrick Schwing of Zaxby expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

“Just like MrBeast’s dedicated fanbase, Zaxby’s guests keep coming back for more to see how we’re raising the bar for quality. As a lifelong fan of the local Zaxby’s in Greenville, Jimmy is the perfect partner.”

The MrBeast Box and the special fusion of Zaxby’s delectable cuisine with MrBeast’s branding are something that fans and consumers can look forward to. For a limited time, the MrBeast Box will be available.

Featured image courtesy: Zaxby’s