YouTuber Logan Paul recently announced that he is going to do a buy back Base Eggs and Base Anime CryptoZoo NFTs. However, there are some strings attached to his offer.

The buy back CryptoZoo program breakdown

Paul shared his plans to give back $2.3 million to those involved in CryptoZoo in a post. If people own certain NFTs called Base Eggs or Base Animals, they can swap each one for 0.1 Ethereum, a type of cryptocurrency. However, there’s a catch — to get the refund, people have to promise not to sue Paul over CryptoZoo, which ultimately could get victims more in the long run. To rub even more salt in the victims’ wounds, Paul will only buy back if victims act by February 8th, one month after his announcement. Also, despite promising on numerous occasions that the game would release, announced that the game wouldn’t be coming out after all.

Tom Kherkher, a lawyer helping people in a group lawsuit against Paul, said this refund deal is not a good idea. He called it a “non-starter” because users have to give up their right to sue. In one of his YouTube videos, Kherkher warned users not to accept a refund because of this tricky condition. “I think this buyback is a sneaky trick,” Kherkher said in one of his YouTube videos. “Our recommendation to our clients is do not engage with this refund because of this language,” he added.

Coffeezilla, the YouTube investigator that brought the CryptoZoo controversy to light for the general public, agrees with the sentiment that Paul’s offer isn’t good. “Honestly, I am conflicted. Because on the one hand, victims getting money is always a great and I am proud that our investigation led to some real-world consequences. But I can’t pretend that things are fixed or fine for people who entrusted me with their story when that’s just not true.”

Paul’s side of the story

Paul says he is disappointed about CryptoZoo not working out. He claimed it got messed up because of “bad actors” who ruined the game. He even accused the said people of sabotaging the whole project. “CryptoZoo was derailed by bad actors,” Paul posted on his social media. In a post in X, Paul admitted they can’t launch the game because of strict rules he was not aware of.

We will have to see if Paul’s offer is enough for CryptoZoo victims. But, by the looks of it, that may not be the case.