In a nutshell

  • YouTube houses all kinds of comedy, from slapstick to witty commentary
  • You can elevate your channel by making fun of yourself or situations without being offensive to viewers
  • Funny videos can strengthen your audience engagement and make your content more sharable

If you’re a creator looking to make hilarious content, you may not want to spend your creative efforts making compilations of other people’s laughable cat vs. zucchini moments or epic fails. Or maybe you do; we won’t judge. You should, however, understand why funny videos matter and how to apply those concepts to your own videos. Here, we’ll cover some of the funniest YouTubers and what you can learn from them.

The truth about being one of the funniest YouTubers

With no shortage of negative scenarios happening in the world, catching a few laughs can help us catch our breath once in a while. Laughter has several scientifically proven physical and mental health benefits. For example, when we laugh, we breathe in a lot more oxygen, which boosts organs, muscles and blood health. Plus, it releases endorphins to help improve our mood, lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure. A few good laughs can help us cope with tough situations and allows us to be more forgiving of ourselves or others.

Whether you’re adding off-hand comments or intentional comedy to your videos, focus on what’s laughable or relatable about the situation. If you want to become one of the funniest YouTubers, learn not to take yourself too seriously and make fun of yourself without being too self-deprecating. Or find ways to be silly and ridiculous. Just like what popular YouTuber LaurenZside reminded us of: Being weird is good.

What’s a Holo Taco?

Simply Nailogical
Image courtesy: Simply Nailogical

In the beauty space, Cristine Rotenberg, creator of Simply Nailogical and lover of holographic everything, gets silly. She has covered useless nail hacks (like fingernails you can blow bubbles through), the worst-rated nail products on Amazon and painting her boyfriend’s nails from 6 feet away. Things get weird on Cristine Rotenberg’s channel, and that’s great. She’s ridiculous and not afraid of making herself the butt of the joke. Her product line is a series of nail polishes called Holo Taco, which started with embracing some jokes about how “top coat” sounds like “taco” in her slight Canadian accent. She laughed along with her fans, turned it into branding and built a successful business around it.

Hi, it’s Jarvis Johnson

Jarvis Johnson
Image courtesy: Jarvis Johnson

If you like your comedy with a less bombastic personality and more sharply written, witty delivery, Jarvis Johnson is your YouTuber. Johnson, who has amassed over 1.83 million subscribers on his main channel, sits down with his audience and analyzes ridiculous and sometimes controversial topics. He’s not all about loud, slapstick delivery. Rather, he opts for conversations that sometimes turn silly, with a few awkward yet hilarious pauses thrown in here and there.

Failing – but in a good way

Image courtesy: ElectroBOOM

The binge-worthy-ness of epic fail videos can’t be denied. It’s hard to look away. As the funny creator of ElectroBOOM, Iranian-Candian host Mehdi Sadaghdar combines the humor of fail videos with education, generally the shocking kind. Watching his channel can teach you things like how electricity travels through air and wire and what really happens when a knife gets jammed into a toaster. Sadaghdar applies titles and graphics with perfect comic timing for all of the zap and pow moments. Plus, he’ll show you how (not) to fix electrical things and clear up some crazy myths about power. 

Gamers, grounds and PMA

Image courtesy: Jacksepticeye

Humor in the gaming space can be problematic at times. However, Jacksepticeye is a gaming channel hosted by Sean McLoughlin from Ireland. He promotes the importance of his PMA (a.k.a Positive Mental Attitude!) while hilariously commentating on various online games. The channel mixes it up occasionally with episodes spent laughing at oddities from around the internet. His iconic “Top o’ the Morning” greeting has become the label for his ethically sourced coffee brand ⁠— because gamers gotta be alert, right?

Super-niche, super funny

Hannah Hart
Image courtesy: Hannah Hart

If you host a lifestyle channel, it’s important to be relatable in your niche. Hannah Hart of MyHarto is one of the funniest YouTubers in the LBGTQIA+ space. She laughs at stereotypes about gay culture and dedicated an entire video to reading mean tweets to make light of them. Clearly, she knows sometimes people can be horrible to each other, and the best thing we can do is laugh about it and make some money doing so. The most fun area of this channel can be found under the My Drunk Kitchen titles. These are filled with guests, pun-smashing silliness and delicious recipes. 

Funny foodie follies

Good Mythical Morning
Image courtesy: Good Mythical Morning

When looking for funny creators, you’ll probably also find Rhett and Link. They have been making hilarious content on Good Mythical Morning for over 10 years. They rise to absurd challenges and taste-tests almost daily to amuse their audience. From bizarre snack combinations to weird things served at weddings, they’ve ranked it all while creating raucous laughter on set. Occasionally, they throw foods off the roof or host Smelling Bee contests to keep things fresh. As they’ve discovered areas to branch out, they’ve created several other channels, such as Ear Biscuits and Mythical Kitchen.

Knock their socks off

Apply the concepts above to add some light laughable moments to your videos. Be funny – but remember, do no harm. It not only makes your videos more enjoyable for your audience, but it also makes them more fun for your viewers to share. Plus, it will add to your general appeal to potential partners, sponsors and future collabs with other YouTubers.