With Twitch leaving Korea early this year, there has been a significant shift in the country’s gaming and livestreaming scene. Other platforms, such as AfreecaTV’s SOOP and Naver’s CHZZK, are stepping in to fill the hole left by Twitch’s shutdown. Both platforms aim to draw in viewers and creators who were formerly a part of the Twitch community.

CHZZK surges

Particularly after Twitch’s exit in Korea, CHZZK’s viewership has increased dramatically. Between January and March of 2024, the number of hours watched on CHZZK per month has more than doubled, according to data from StreamElements and Streams Charts.

Additionally, the number of active channels on the site increased eightfold over the same time period, suggesting that the platform is becoming increasingly popular with users and content providers.

Image courtesy: StreamElements and Streams Charts

The impact of Twitch’s departure

Twitch’s main reason for closing its South Korean operation was unsustainable operating expenses. In addition to opening doors for regional platforms like CHZZK and SOOP, this action resulted in an 18% decrease in the overall number of Korean language hours seen on all platforms between January and March 2024.

Global expansion plans

Both CHZZK and SOOP want to launch English language support in 2024 as part of their worldwide growth strategies. CHZZK’s open beta was introduced in December 2023, timed to take advantage of Twitch’s exit. SOOP is preparing for a global launch in the first part of the year to draw in a larger global audience.

“This past year, the discourse on livestreaming platforms has been rooted in Twitch YouTube, and Kick as content creators weigh options for reaching the broadest audience,” StreamElements Co-Founder Or Perry stated.

“In South Korea, AfreecaTV’s SOOP and Naver’s CHZZK are two other players who might join the conversation. Both platforms are working on global launches this year featuring English-language accessibility,” he added.

We will keep a close eye on how the livestreaming industry takes shape in South Korea after Twitch’s exit.