Kick announced it’s making its Creator Incentive Program available to all eligible streamers. It promises to give all streamers a 95/5 revenue split, a cut larger than other streaming platforms. 

Perks of joining the program

Kick launched the Creator Incentive Program benefiting select streamers in 2022 in its early stages. The program pays the streamers a fixed amount per hour, with more payments pouring in as the creator earns more followers and watch time. 

When the company launched, its major appeal was the 95% revenue split, which motivated some streamers to make a switch. In comparison, Twitch currently has a 70/30 split with its partners. Now, the company has announced that the same benefits will be open to all qualifying creators. 

“As Kick evolves, creators may find themselves at the heart of a growing ecosystem, with opportunities and benefits that extend beyond what’s currently on offer,” Kick’s blog post reads.    

Creator Incentive Program eligibility requirements     

To quality for the program, the creator must have a verified channel with relevant social media links added to the profile. The “About Me” section must be filled out and the creator should abide by the company’s terms of service. 

The following are the metrics that they need:

  • Average concurrent viewers for 30 days: 100
  • Stream hours for 30 days: 50 hours
  • Unique days streamed: 15 days           
  • Direct subscriptions for 30 days: 25
  • Unique chatters for 30 days: 500
  • Video on demand for 30 days: 3
  • Followers: at least 1,500


These metrics are subject to modification in the future. Kick also said that the metrics will be soon available to the creator dashboard for better tracking.

Featured image courtesy: Kick