Kick has seen huge growth since it’s launch this year. Its total watch time might not be a fraction of Twitch’s, but it claims to offer more perks to streamers, most notably its 95/5 revenue split. 

It also managed to secure big streamers; the biggest one to date is XQC who got a $100 million deal. Recently, Kick is positioning itself as a threat to Twitch with new updates that Twitch streamers have been asking for for a long time. 

Kick adds chat replay and clip download

Kick adds two new big features to its platform: chat replays and saving clips. The chat replay will allow users to watch recorded streams with the original chat being displayed alongside the videos. This way, the streamers’ audience can still feel immersed in the stream as if it’s real-time. 

The other feature allows users to save clips from the stream faster and easier. Streams are usually really long, and being able to download highlights makes it convenient to compile these clips for a potential YouTube video. This feature has long been requested by Twitch streamers, and now Kick has added it to its platform, it seems that that the platform is at least trying to listen to its community. In the same announcement, Kick asked its users what they want next. 

Although Kick has received criticisms because of its ties to gambling companies and allowing gambling streams, it’s putting efforts to encourage more streamers to create content on its site. 

They might still have a long way to go to beat Twitch, but its updates seemed to be prioritizing what its community wants — which can go a long way when Twitch seems to be out of touch with its creator community.