Kelsey Brannan, the creator and host of the YouTube channel “Premiere Gal,” knows how effective Youtube (and video) can be as a tool for education. Being a visual learner herself, she is passionate about creating videos that educate her audience about the editing process with her own engaging, entertaining twist. With the Dell Precision workstation and the UltraSharp 40 curved monitor, Brannan has the tools she needs to help her audience reach their potential as video editors.

How it all started

Brannan never knew what to tell people when they asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. In fact, she struggled with the question until her mid-20s. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film and media from UC Santa Barbara and a master’s in communication, culture and technology from Georgetown, she knew she wanted her career to be in film. Brannan just didn’t know what area of film she wanted to pursue.

She spent some time working as a teacher’s assistant for her film and media studies minor and as a senior video producer at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the U.S. Department of State. Before working for the U.S. Department of State, she contemplated applying for Ph.D. programs to become a film and media professor but decided otherwise. However, she always enjoyed teaching.

“I really enjoyed the process of helping people find that ‘a-ha’ moment and I felt like the feeling was mutual,” Brannan said.

 In 2016, Brannan began uploading experimental tutorials to YouTube and everything clicked.

“Once I started my YouTube channel, it started to feel right,” Brannan said. 

Her channel grew steadily and eventually provided enough financial support for it to become her full-time career.

“YouTube is a career option. It really is,” Brannan said. “It’s always a gateway to so many collaborations and editing opportunities I never thought would be possible.”

Learning together

Many of Brannan’s video topics come from her curiosity as a film editor. If she sees something that interests her, she figures out how it’s done and teaches what she learns to her audience.

“I watch videos, Netflix, commercials and I see the effects being done and I’m like, ‘that’s super cool. How did they make that?’” Brannan said. “So I research and play around with the tools in both Premiere and After Effects.” 

She admits it’s a lot of trial and error — but her Dell Precision workstation allows her to play around until she finds what works without any dips in performance, no matter how long it takes.

Brannan said she also likes to take in suggestions from her audience. The thing she loves most about teaching through video is collaborating with others.

“That’s what I love about visual storytelling,” Brannan said. “Not only do you get to collaborate in the process of making, but also you form a bond with the viewers as well.” 

Brannan said YouTube allows her to have a direct line of communication with her audience — allowing them to help her shape her content to what is best for everyone.

Having the right equipment for the job

When first switching over to the Dell Precision workstation, Brannan felt the transition was smooth.

“It was an easy transition,” she said. “The render speed is so much faster compared to my Mac, about three times faster.” 

Brannan added that she was able to do everything she usually would, just at faster speeds.

“What I love about the Dell workstation is that I can export multiple sequences with Adobe Media Encoder and edit in Premiere Pro at the same time,” Brannan said.

In one of her most recent videos, Brannan also expressed how the Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved monitor has improved her workflow — noting how the monitor’s 40-inch workspace allows her to have her timeline fully open at all times.

Additionally, the screen’s brightness and resolution help her deliver accurate-looking effects. 

“The 5k resolution and brightness make viewing my images so much better,” Brannan said. “I’m able to color grade with so much ease not only because of the real estate, but because of the resolution and detail I can get.”

She also loves the fact she can connect her Dell Precision workstation right into her Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved monitor with Thunderbolt.

 “It reduces the amount of cables you need,” Brannan said.

Brannan is passionate about her work and teaching those who watch her videos to reach their potential as editors and video producers. With the Dell Precision workstation and the UltraSharp 40 Curved monitor, Brannan has the tools she needs to create content that’s informative and entertaining to watch.

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