Shorts are one of YouTube developments to track in 2021. The TikTok replica is for creators to create and publish short-form videos to YouTube straight from a mobile device.

The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, came out with the platform’s 2021 priorities in late January. It outlines a growing creator economy, living up to their responsibilities, helping people learn new skills, building YouTube of the future and focusing on their regulatory landscape. 

Testing in India

Shorts fall under the building YouTube of the future point of focus as it is only in a testing phase in India. TikTok along with other apps are banned in India. Testing in India provides the population with a short-form video feed that is being taken away for the time being. In the letter from Susan Wojcicki, she explains how the feature is currently receiving 3.5 billion views daily.

Shorts for creators

Shorts creates a space for mobile creators to get their foot in the door of YouTube. Being able to create and publish straight from your mobile device is efficient. Shorts are for creators who may not have a camera or computer readily available for their creation. 

The development has much potential for YouTube creators such as using the feature to expand their existing channel. Shorts may be used for previews to other longer videos or short updates about a specific channel or creator. The use of vertical video may also give creators the means to expand their range and may better prepare them for future trends. 

Source: YouTube Official Blog

YouTube is latching on the trend of remaking their own TikTok-like feature. With YouTube having prior experience with video as the base of its platform they may be more equipped to see success with this feature. Other platforms like Instagram or Snapchat are in similar processes in providing their vertical video feed. We are sure to see these platforms succeed or not with their new features. 

It will be insightful to see how the feature will do when it becomes available to a wider audience sometime this year.