Sean Mcloughlin, commonly known as Jacksepticeye, has hosted another successful Thankmas charity livestream. Sean managed to raise a whooping $6 million for World Central Kitchen this year. This brings the total over the six years of Thankmas events to $25 million.

The Evolution of Jacksepticeye’s Thankmas

Jacksepticeye started Thankmas in 2017. It was just a simple livestream on his YouTube channel that evolved into an impressive stage-set event in collaboration with the fundraising platform Tiltify. His previous livestreams featured well-known stars such as Jack Black, Markiplier, Valkyrae and more. In 2020, the stream raised $4.6 million to support Red Nose Day. Then, in 2021, it managed to raise $7.6 million for New Story. Last year‘s stream garnered $10 million for World Central Kitchen.

The 2023 Thankmas was cohosted by Ethan Nestor. The stream held over 24 hours. McLoughlin’s dedicated community was able to accumulate $6 million in donations. He also received a commemorative plaque during the livestream in recognition of this achievement.

After the stream, McLoughlin posted his thoughts on X. “Just woke up and still buzzing from yesterday,” he tweeted. “6 million raised during the show and over $25 million raised for charity since Thankmas began. I’m so proud of everyone who helps make this happen every year. Thank you.”

While there are a lot of people who donated, McLoughlin emerged as the most significant donor this year, with a contribution of $380,000. This act of generosity underscores his commitment to the initiative.

Another successful year in the books

Having raised over $25 million since starting Thankmas, McLoughlin’s, and every other creator and staff apart of Thankmas, have made a huge difference. We applaud their work and can’t wait to see how much of an impact next year’s Thankmas will have.