Good news for Instagram creators: The platform is updating its suite of video editing tools with fresh features that make content creation more exciting. 

Get more creative with your Reels

First off, you can now scale, crop and rotate your individual clips. If you change your mind with the current edit, you can now redo and undo what you’ve done. Adding voiceovers to Reels has also been made easier because the feature is now easier to find. 

You want to make your Reels funnier? You can make memeable content by adding funny audio from the new Instagram audio hub. If you’re struggling to find the perfect audio for your Reel, the company is also testing new ways to access trending audio by clicking the audio page on top of the camera. Does this feature sound familiar? It’s because TikTok also has the same feature. 

Moreover, Instagram is adding ten new English text-to-speech voices to allow you to be more creative with your Reels. There will also be six new text fonts and styles to choose from and are available in hundreds of languages. 

Tired of checking which drafts you’re working on? Instagram is making it easier for you to edit your in-progress Reels by adding the ability to preview the drafts, rename them and even schedule them in advance. 

New filters and stickers to choose from

The Instagram camera now has more filters to choose from. Whether you want subtle colors or expressive ones, there are many to choose from to create various looks. Camera roll is also being revamped; you can now zoom and search to easily find the photos or videos you want to upload. 

If you love creating stickers, you can now make some custom ones from your own photos. You can also create custom stickers from other content. This tool is made possible by the Meta Segment Anything AI model. 

It’s an exciting times for creators to explore these features; some are already available today and some will be rolled out soon.